[Album Review] Alkaline Trio – Crimson


If you’re looking for a pop-punk album for your summer, mark this on your must-buy list.

Half of the songs from Crimson can definitely become another pop-punk anthem. They’ve made the right decision of choosing Time To Waste as the first single off Crimson. The piano intro has a very good chemical reaction with the guitar riffs. Other songs I would also recommend must be Burn, Back To Hell and Dethbed. Especially Burn, it has a very special arrangement. Give it a listen.

They’ve improved quite a lot in terms of lyrical composition, though, the topics they wrote about do not have a great variety. You can tell that from songs like Burn, Prevent The Tragedy or Dethbed. They can really touch your heart or make you feel related to.

I was never an Alkaline Trio fan. I used to think they were just another common pop punk bands out there. But Crimson has changed my mind. Before Crimson was released, every punk site has put the crimson-ads in the front page; and you know it must have some stand-out features amongst their competitors.

To conclude, it was a long-anticipated album and luckily the guys didn’t let us down or they would be gone by the fall. They’ve done a pretty good job, either lyrically and musically. I would love it more if they have put fewer love songs in it. Its too pop-punk-ish and I think its time for them to grow up. If it was stolen, I would borrow it and burn a copy for replacement as I’m not a huge fan of Alkaline Trio.

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