[Features] Michale Graves – the Misfit of the MISFITS

Michale Graves-wordpress

Michale Graves – Live in Coffee Cat

It’s been awhile I haven’t been so obsessed with a solo artist for a long time. And here comes Michale Graves, the former frontman of the Misfits in the post-Dianzig era. Ever since Graves left the Misfits, I have not heard anything about him, until last week when I went to Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg gig and saw Graves performed as the vocalist for Marky.

As usual, post-gig syndrome leads me youtube-ing and google-ing everything about the band, and my heart got caught by this amazing acoustic live of Michale Graves playing the Misfits’ Descending Angel. It was so beautifully-crafted. The way he played was so… EFFORTLESS, full of emotion and passion.

When compared the time when he was in the Misfits, he looked much more mature and delicate. To a certain extent, Misfits wasted him away. Many rumors about Graves’ departure was due to the conflicts with Jerry Only. However I believe his decision of moving on as a solo artist let his hidden talents out.

You may think acoustic is lame and probably I’m one of those crappy pop-tunes-listener so I’d spend an hour to write about this. Sorry I am not. The last time I used “breathtaking” to describe an acoustic set was like 10 years ago, Bon Jovi Live in New York City. Their Wanted Daed or Alive still remained as a killer tune. Though you can hardly compare Michale Graves with Bon Jovi, I just wanna say they both transform hard rock music into BREATHTAKING acoustic music.

If my article has raised a bit of your interest for Michale Graves, you can also try to watch his acoustic version of Fiend Club, Dig Up Her Bones, Scream, Saturday Night, and of course the video above, Descending Angel.

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