[Features] Punk Rock R.I.P.?

Sex Pistols-wordpress

God Save the Queen – Sex Pistols


The only thing that came up to my mind regarding to last week’s Queen Elizabeth Diamond Julibee was the death of an unique culture in Britain – punk rock. Beck to the 77’, on Queen’s Silver Julibee, the Sex Pistols did an irony performance on a boat and blasted the audience with God Save the Queen. No matter it was good or bad musically, they did make a statement to the Britishes society, or even the world, that people should choose the life they wanted to live, not the life governed by the govenment. And 25 years later, in 2012, when the Queen was celebrating her Diamond Julibee, no one stepped up and said something towards the downturn of economics or any shit games the politicians were playing. Where are all the wise people who would use a creative to talk to the society?

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