[Album Review] Lostprophets – Start Something


Start Something is the second full length album by the Welsh band Lostprophets and overall it sounds less nu-metal than their previous one The Fake Sound of Progress did. There is way less electronic mixing applied which is good. Ian Watkins’ vocal has improved a lot so I guess the intense touring is definitely a good practice for him. However, the most impressive part throughout the album is the back-up vocal done by Jamie Oliver (keyboard). He does sing better than Watkins in a lot of songs. Though Lostprophets came out as a nu-metal band with their first album, this time they have experienced different sounds with Start Something. I guess same as other new bands, they do not want to be categorized into one genre only which is very a risky and narrowed-minded approach. Before jumping into any specific aspects of the album, you have to jump to the last track We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan which will definitely surprise you, no matter if you are a Lostprophets fan or not.

In terms of lyrics, most of them, as expected, like other contemporary rock bands, they are about the same old topics like getting lost in the world, finding their own ways through life, or don’t give a fuck to what people tell you, etc. Having said that, you can still notice Watkins and his mates had paid a lot of effort on the lyrical themes on some other delicate topics like friendship /farewell in Last Summer which tried to make their audience (who are mainly the younger generation) to feel related to their music. Of course, there is still room for improvement in terms of the use of vocabularies and sentence arrangements.

Overall speaking, “Start Something” shows the matured side of Lostprophets. Apparently they had brought their vocal performance, lyrical composition and recording technique to a whole new level since “The Fake Sound Of Progress”. If you’re not a fan of Lostprophets, I guarantee they will convince you in these 57 minutes.


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