[Song Commentary] Take Me – Stereophonics

Take Me is the track 4 of Stereophonics’ new album Graffiti on the Train. The sensation of it is totally from the dialogue-like arrangement throughout the song. There is an unknown female vocal intersecting with Kelly Jones’ “whiskey voice” (yes the media crowned Jones with this honor). The girl definitely deserves credit in making this song so popped out amongst other songs in this album. In some of the live performance Stereophonics performed it with only Kelly Jones singing, which degraded the song, though still sounds good. It’s way beyond imagination and it kind of communicate a sense of intimacy as you listen to it.




The day is dawning in the rainy park
Trees around, some falling down
It’s ok, I don’t mind
You can take your clothes and run

Falling over, spinning round
Orange leaves spread on the ground
Sleep in the day
Swim in the night
Light your fires
It could be tragic, today

Take me
Take me

Bowled me over from the start
Poison arrow through the heart
I’ll undress you
You’ll undress me
The place is dark
No one can see

Lay me down on the grassy ground
Stars aligned for miles around
I don’t know you
You don’t know me
Who’s to know what will be, today?

Take me
Take me
Take me
Take me

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