[Features] Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll – Old Movie Revisited

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll  is a British movie released in 2010. It is a biopic of the protopunk legend Ian Dury, who contracted polio during his childhood which caused the disability to walk for his whole life.

The movie tells his life story from childhood to adulthood, including his bullied past in school and hospital for disabled children which in a way inspired him to start his rock n roll journey. Despite his glorified days on stage with his band The Blockheads, the movie has also showed his troubled time with relationship, drugs, fame, money and social acceptance.

The last part of the movie showed that after all the success Ian Dury received from his rock n’ roll career, he still could not forgive the teacher who had bullied him the most back in the hospital during his childhood. When people told him the teacher, Hargreaves, had committed suicide, Ian Dury calmly replied “That has made my day, that has”.

Even the movie ends when Dury smiling and dancing in a performance, the dialogue above leaves a trace of sadness to the audience.


iandury2-wordpress MIG_90517_Ian_Dury_&_The_Blockheads_DVD_COVER_ART.indd

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