[News + Random] Unlocking the Truth – The Hottest Kids In the Rock Scene Today

So I’m not gonna talk about any famous rockstars today… Actually they are (sort of) getting famous now… but just not that kind of… Slash-kind-of-famous… you know what I mean…

These two 12-year-old Brooklyn kids got taped when they were performing on the NYC street and the video got viral. They got interviewed by this group called Avant/Garde Diaries. In the video below, you can see they played their own materials, which sounds pretty good; and you’ll definietly give them more credit after knowing they are only elementary students!

If I got cool kids like them in my old school, they would have become everybody’s role model for the rebel-wannabes. Unexpectedly, the duo claimed they got bullied because of their awesomely-done music. It’s absolutely nonsense to me. But it’s heart-warming that they know deep inside they are not gonna give up because of these stupid bullies but keep going of what they are proud of – rock n roll.

I’m deeply moved when they said “black people out there only do pop or hip hop. But we do rock n roll and that’s what we want to do”.

They have more guts and determination than many self-acclaimed musicians I have seen in my life.

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You can watch the interview here:

6 responses to “[News + Random] Unlocking the Truth – The Hottest Kids In the Rock Scene Today

  1. I am not even trying to be an asshole about this but really? These kids are all over the place and I hate to be a dick but there is nothing special about their metal music. Sure it is good but is it special? No.

    Should it even matter they are kids and black? Isn’t it about the music.

    Also really stupid of these kids to say black people only do pop and hip-hop? Wow these kids are young. That is just utter bullshit Sun Ra, B.B. King, Dam-Funk and Tricky are true legends to name a few. They don’t make hip hop or pop music, not even close.

    Secondly I knew plenty I mean literally plenty of black kids in my town that loved going to black metal shows with me. I even knew one guy he even made 8 bit black metal and he was indeed black with another black musician friend of his.

    I am sorry this shit just pisses me off.. I come from a place where I literally spent more than 18 hours of my day with a band practicing. Doing shows all over town busting my ass to make a name for ourselves. Then it is stupid cliche’s like this that everyone loves.

    The only reason anyone cares about these kids is simply because they are an all black group. I really hate to say it but it is true. So what some kids who happen to black form a country group and suddenly its the best damn country music ever? Do you see my point? I have nothing against black people just stupid perceptions like those.

    I used to hang out with this black metal band, one of the best drummers I have ever seen in my life he was only 12. They even had this guitarist who was the same age, oh my god this kid could play anything simply by ear. I mean literally anything, he was truly crazy and insane like literally but when it came to that guitar he was a pure genius.. Poor kid is probably dead now.. He was just that crazy.. but he always hated things like that, he was so good it wasn’t even funny yet no one ever appreciated him enough or his band or his talents because of that he never appreciated himself enough.

    You think that band blew up? Nope, they weren’t some cliche either, they were just people who made extremely amazing music. They simply made some of the best black metal music I have heard even to this day.. That kind of stuff drives me insane.. Seeing truly talented individuals have to give up because everyone wants to give credit to people who deserve none really.

    I gave these kids a big chance also, I listened to a lot of their music and it just isn’t that good to be some huge story. Man I hate this world, it is so ass backwards.

    Got amazing ass musicians who can’t even get gigs then you have these ass clowns like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne selling out stadiums for the same old tired ass shit we have heard for the past 20+ years now. Now people are talking about these kids like they are something special?

    Again I am not discrediting their effort, they aren’t horrible or even bad it is just their metal really is not that special.

  2. I forgot to mention The Roots also.. They play just about anything under the sun, it just so insulting to african american culture to say oh black people only play pop and hip hop here. So far from the truth it isn’t even fun.

    Wrong sadly that is about all that is popular because people would rather sing along to songs rather than actually think about them..

  3. Thank you so much for your sharing Michelle! Al of your points are nicely said and I agree with you.

    Music is never about either races, colors or ages but quality and passion. Just to clarify I did not tried to say these kids were the best out there. There’s no points to compare and they are too young to be dragged into the ugly competition in the world of adulthood. I shared this video purely to show my support and respect towards them and the minorities who are advancing this form of art.

    Hope you’ll support our site since we are an independent group aiming to share music through text and we insist to spend money on music instead of the shitty promotional ads.

    Peace xo

  4. Dear Michelle, I only responded because you’re a hard-working musician too. Would you feel any different if the bands mentioned in your comments received what you felt they deserved? I’m sure your 18 hours a day practicing has created some really good music. I would hope a fellow musician would have shared their gift and advice with our boys to inspire them instead of trying to break them. Please understand Unlocking the Truth did not form a band to feel special. The boys want to create the music they love and we created a space for them to share it. I’m sure your parents believed in you or you wouldn’t be working so hard. Reading between the lines, I would think you, of all people (being a musician), would appreciate what they’re doing. They’re just like you: practicing whenever they can to become better at what they’re doing and then sharing their finished product (music) with the world. Obviously, you’re not feeling them, but, ragging some kids for doing what they love and for people embracing their music? WOW! Respectfully, Mother of Unlocking the Truth

  5. Dear Dinosaur Workroom, thanks so much for your generous review of our boys. It’s sites like yours that allow people to reply with constructive criticism, as well as blasts. It all helps to make our boys better at what they’re doing. Thanks again. Mother from Unlocking the Truth.

  6. Thank you for bringing these great kids with hearts, creativity and visions to the world 🙂 Thanks for your support Annette.

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