[Live Review + Photography] Travis – Live at Vic Theater Chicago

Always interesting to see a British band to play in the States.

It’s commonly known that many British music (Britpop to be specific) did created a worldwide invasion during the 90’s. But only HUGE British bands which received the top mainstream acceptance like Radiohead and Oasis could break into the US market.

Travis, the britpop giant who have received 2 Brits Awards of being the Best Band before is sort of in the middle – BIG but not HUGE. So it’s kind of within expectation that their tickets were going quite slow especially the pricing was higher than the average Brit shows in Chicago (average USD$16-25, Travis USA$40). Still I were glad it turned out to be a full-house show in the end.



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Before their show at the infamous historic Vic Theater, Travis did a free acoustic performance along with a signing session at Reckless Records on Broadway. ( See other post ) Many people turned out of not knowing who Travis were, but of course, there were some die-hard fans who traveled all the way from suburb to see these guys.

After the opening act, Travis showed up at 9:15pm and put out a sweet yet furious performance for over 90 minutes. You may wonder why I use “sweet” to describe. I’m talking about the sweetness between the brotherhood of these Scottish boys. I haven’t seen a band with such a strong bonding on stage for a really long time. The interaction – eye contact, smiles, face-to-face jamming – even three people sharing one acoustic guitar, you knew it was not a trick on stage.

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For the setlist, they had played all the hit songs in their long career in music like Sing and Closer, with some new tunes in between, and ended with the massive hits Why Does It Always Rain On Me? at the encore session.

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1. Mother
2. Sing
3. Selfish Jean
4. Pipe Dreams
5. Moving
6. Love Will Come Through
7. Driftwood
8. Warning Sign
9. Re-Offender
10. Where You Stand
11. My Eyes
12. Reminder
13. Writing to Reach You
14. Side
15. Closer
16. Slide Show
17. Blue Flashing Light
18. Turn

19. Good Feeling
21. Flowers in the Window 
22. All I Want to Do is Rock
23. Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

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