[Live Review + Photography] The Cribs – Live in Hong Kong

Never really a Halloween fan. But this year, I found a perfect Halloween party to go to – The Cribs Live in Hong Kong.

For those who don’t know, The Cribs is a band from Wakefield, UK, consists of three brothers. They played in Clockenflap in 2011 and received good response. So this year they decided to come back on Halloween to greet their fans here.

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There was an opening band before The Cribs and if I had to rate, I would only give them a 3 out of 5. Their sound was not distinctive enough to leave an impression after they got off the stage. The worst is I didn’t even got their band name. This is the most important for every new bands who got a chance to open for world class musicians – to spread your NAME. Please make good use of your opportunity.

Need not to say, The Cribs were as amazing as always. Kicking off the show was their 2012 release Come on, Be A No-One. Just when I was worried this show was going to be a lame-crowd quiet show, these brothers lighted up their audience. Coming up were the light-hearted hits I’m A Realist and We Share The Same Skies.   Ryan Jarman totally took the stage with his tricks – standing on the edge of the stage, standing on the drum set, jumping into the crowd and even passing his guitar to the crowd (and let his roadie to get it back). Yes, those maybe commonly seen in gigs in other countries but definitely not in Hong Kong.





Since that was a Halloween night, to thank their audience of choosing their show over cheesy custom parties, they prepared a two-sentence Halloween wishing in advance. One of The Cribs‘ fan also gave them a hand-drawn sketch which Ryan Jarman later put on their amp. Sweet!



One thing I had to say to end my writing is about the venue. The mix was bad, one of the worst in town I would have to say. And with the size of this crowd and how The Cribs‘ boys like getting close to the crowd, it would double up the energy of the show if it was held in other place.

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