[Live Review + Photography] Mew + Wild Nothing – Live in Hong Kong

When I saw the ad on the Internet that You Mum was bringing Wild Nothing and Mew to town. I. WAS. THRILLED. To be frank, I’m not a fan of post rock music but these two bands certainly have something I would like to know – how a new one-man-band from Virginia made it to CMJ Festival (for those who don’t know Wild Nothing is a one-man project by Jack Tatum; other members are often added to his live shows) and; how a post-rock act made it to music festival with a hundred-thousand audience.

There is another personal reason why I’m interested in this gig. When I was covering other gigs in New York City, Wild Nothing and I were staying in the same building though we never really encountered. And now I had to chance to see what kind of band they were on the other side of the world.

Wild Nothing came hit the stage as a 5-piece band. The stage was very small and simple. The mix was average especially when you were at the front of the stage which you could barely hear the vocal. Yet the most ridiculous thing was the funny theatrical spotlight shinning down onto the stage. Even their guitar gave signal to dimmed out the light. I always preferred to hear this kind of dreamy pop music in live because it gave the rawness to the manipulated-low-fi melody. Due to the poor lighting system, I could barely enjoyed the set except for the moments when my eyes were closed. You could almost feel the easiness and the avant-garde romance. There was a moment, just one moment, that I felt the spirit of New Order in the music…
Live Photo Album (WILD NOTHING)

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Another 30-minute of waiting, Mew invaded the stage in the cheering sound of the crowd. I sward I was really scared their performance would end up in the yellowish almost-make-me-laugh spotlight. Thank god there was some REAL lighting effect once they proceeded to the second song Special. That was all I asked for a post rock band in a tiny venue – some decent lighting – just as simple as that. I won’t ask for those giant lighting props or grand visual effects. Their vocalist, Joans Bjerre looked quite enjoyable in his own singing. The pitch was almost perfect. As least as a non-fan listener, I did not find any disturbing sound in both high and low keys. He really did have a wide pitch range. The vocal was full of emotion and dreams. My personal favorite must be 156. That 5 minutes really got all of my attention for the whole night! The progressive change in tempo was done PERFECTLY. It literally got you natural high. Again, I’m not a post rock fan so I rate that simply from the mix of the tune and how the band brought it to live.

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