[News + Random] Best Gigs 2013!

2013 is coming to the end, and yes, you’re right. We’re writing our “Best of Show” list below. It’s more like a flashback of gigs we have covered and feel like worth to share again. Unlike many music magazines which cover shows in one region only (NME covers UK shows, Alternative Press for US ones, music section in whatever Hong Kong hipster mags for local shows in town, etc), we have covered for at least 60 musicians’ shows across the continent – Hong Kong, New York City, Chicago, Cleveland, Beijing – in just 6 months (we founded in July yay)!

Rancid – Live in Chicago
These California punk veterans performed a killer set with all the hits in …And Out Come the Wolves at the Riot Fest Chicago in September under the moonlight. Every punk fans – young and old – were dancing and moshing as if it was a celebration of living according to the punk rules. (FULL RECAP – RANCID)

The Bouncing Souls + Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem) – Live in New York City
Another neo-punk legends who are still active in the punk scene, The Bouncing Souls, had given an awesome intimate show at Muisc Hall of Williamsburg at New York City with their New Jersey buddy Brian Fallon from The Gaslight Anthem. They played a few songs together in the end of Fallon’s acoustic set, no doubt the highlight of the night. (FULL RECAP – THE BOUNCING SOULS + BRIAN FALLON plus written review in the Live Review section)

Travis – Live in Chicago
It was interesting to see a giant Britpop (or post-Britpop as some people would label them as) across the sea in America. They pulled out everything they could to make a good show yet staying sincere. (FULL RECAP – TRAVIS plus written review in the Live Review section)

Bonaparte – Live in Hong Kong
This pink-hair frontman Tobias Jundt of this creative lo-fi punk band based in Berlin gave everything to the crowd, even HIMSELF by throwing himself into the Clockenflap crowd. (FULL RECAP – BONAPARTE plus written review in the Live Review section)

Quicksand – Live in Chicago
This 90’s NYC alt-metal group became active again after the over-ten-years break with less teenage angst and maturer in vocal and more solid live. (FULL RECAP – QUICKSAND)

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Hatebreed- Live in Chicago
Need not to say much about these hardcore headbangers with the crazy know-how-to-mosh-pit crowd! (FULL RECAP – HATEBREED)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Live in Hong Kong
Robert Been remains as one of the finest garage musician in the contemporary rock scene and he doesn’t earn his name for nothing. What an amazing live act! (FULL RECAP – BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB  plus written review in the Live Review section)

The Faceless – Live in Hong Kong
If you know Hong Kong’s music scene you should know there’re less than 10 metal gigs (I mean those featuring International bands) for headbangers. And this year, we got The Faceless. The crowd was still but the band still rocked. (FULL RECAP – THE FACELESS plus written review in the Live Review section)

Mac DeMarco – Live in Hong Kong
This Canadian dude certainly got way better live performance than his Youtube videos! (FULL RECAP – MAC DEMARCO plus written review in the Live Review section)

Mew – Live in Hong Kong
These Danish post-rock gods played an absolutely stunning at The Vine. Together with the smoke and lighting effect, they gave us a dreamy mellow night in Hong Kong. (FULL RECAP – MEW plus written review in the Live Review section)