[Exclusive Interview] Her Name In Blood


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Makoto Ishida (left) and Daiki Koide (right) of Her Name In Blood
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The Tokyo-based metalcore band Her Name In Blood came to Hong Kong as part of their China Tour. Our editor talked to their bassist Makoto Ishida and guitarist Daiki Koide before their show at Hidden Agenda about their influences, upcoming plan and their tour so far.

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DJ: Dinosaur Journal
MI: Makoto Ishida
DK: Daiki Koide

DJ: Can you tell me about the background of your band?
MI: We started the band around 2005.We then changed the band name in 2008 or 2009. I’m not sure haha.

DJ: So when did you meet your bandmates?
MI: It’s difficult to explain. We have known each other (Daiki Koide) probably in junior high school.

DJ: Then the bonding between your band must be very good.
MI: Yea that’s very true.

DJ: What’s the mean of your band name?
MI: It was taken from Strung Out’s song name.  They are awesome.

DJ: So who else are your influence besides Strung Out?
MI: Well there are a lot. I’m more a punk listener and he is a metal-head haha. (pointing at Daiki) So our music is kind of a mix – with metal and punk rock.

DJ: Yes I can tell from your music and the music festivals that HNIB played, like with The Devil Wears Prada, Periphery and the Taste of Chaos Tour… more like metalcore I’d say.
MI: Yea we will play with them (TDWP) in February.

DJ: So how’s the reception of this kind of music in Japan? Because unlike typical J-rock, yours is more extreme.
MI: The scene is growing. We hope our band will have a great future.

DJ: When did you decide to make music as your career? You know many people see it as a second and music never comes first.
MI: We are still hoping haha. We decided it about two years ago when we were signed to the management and the record label.

DJ: So besides HNIB, do you have any side projects?
MI: Well I love doing photography

DJ: What about you Daiki Koide?
DK: Hmmm… Nothing haha.
MI: Actually he likes drawings. His illustration is really beautiful. Only him. Not me haha. My drawing skill is really bad.

DJ: When did you start planning this China Tour?
MI: Haha it’s been so long. Actually we got this offer from Hotpot Music (organizer). But then for some reason we didn’t received his contact. So we thought we were not coming.But finally he contacted us again. So here we are. It’s a really good experience.

DJ: It’s good to have you guys in Hong Kong on New Year! So do you like our city?
MI: Yea we love Hong Kong! My cousin is living in Kowloon!

DJ: So where have you been to?
MI: Hmmmm… Not much haha. We just arrived today so we will only have one night here. We planned to stay here for two nights but due to some issues, we gotta leave tomorrow to Guangzhou for the next stop.

DJ: I saw some comments on Facebook from a fan who had seen your performance at MIDI Festival Shenzhen telling people NOT to miss out the rest of HNIB‘s China Tour!
MI: Wooow, thank him! That means a lot!

DJ: Which one do you prefer? Small intimate gigs like this or music festival like MIDI Fest?
MI: Well it’s hard… we like both! I can’t decide!

Her Name In Blood  continued their tour in China till 5 Jan 2014. Don’t miss it!

Photo Recap – Her Name in Blood – Live in Hong Kong
Written Review – Her Name In Blood – Live in Hong Kong