[Live Review + Photography] Her Name in Blood – Live in Hong Kong

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First saw Her Name In Blood’s name on the Taste of Chaos Festival promo, so I would guess they are like one of those hardcore / screamo / emo bands or anything in between. When I got the news that these Japanese rockers were coming on 1 Jan, I thought… let me check out what this critically-acclaimed metal band could bring in live.

I always believe live show is what differentiates one band from another because during a live performance, musicians gotta bring their music to another dimension. And turns out these guys did not let me down.

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I have attended a numbers of small-venue shows in Hong Kong recently and this one got the BEST crowd so far. At least, half of the audience tried to contribute to the pit. Maybe it was luck or their music actually struck a nerve of the audience full of shyness. But this kind of interaction is indeed the most important element in a gig.

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Kicking off the show with Unshaken Fire and Gasolines off their new EP The Beast, they fired every attendees’ eardrums with 70 minutes of aggressive, at-your-face hardcore songs kept the room burning on and on. It’s absolutely interesting to hear their live cover of Poker Face from Lady Gaga, definitely better than the original! (You can check out the Youtube video below) HNIB warped up the set with We Refuse – the lead single of The Beast.

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Though most of the spotlight fell onto the lead vocalist Ikepy and his magnetic vocal (just like most of the other bands – the frontman always takes it all), I appreciate how all the other members stepped up and interacted with the crowd. It was purely enjoyable to watch how people in the same band synchronized with each other and had fun on their own while performing. It was an honest musical expression. There was real emotion in it. And that reminds you are watching a band but not a solo performance with a bunch of back up musicians.

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I’d say Her Name In Blood‘s music is more like metalcore blended with a little bit of scream, if you would like to label it with some specific genres. There was emphasis on breakdowns and a bit of melodic back-ups as typical seen screamo tunes. It was much more brutal though. I know some people would compare them with Asking Alexandria but to me AA are way popper than HNIB. Having said that, I would recommend this band to fans of The Devil Wears Prada, Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying and probably that of Asking Alexandria too.

It was a pretty awesome event to kick off 2014. I’m sure whoever had attended who agree with me. And… HAPPY NEW YEAR to y’all!

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Photo Recap – Her Name in BLood – Live in Hong Kong
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