[Live Review + Photography] Phoenix – Live in Hong Kong

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[Exclusive Interview] Phoenix – Crowd-surfing, Tips on Touring and the Number of 10
[Photo Recap] Phoenix – Live in Hong Kong

If I have to use one word to describe Phoenix’s show in Hong Kong, “Entertainment” must be my first choice. (which is exactly their new single’s name) The French alternative superstars had their first-ever performance in town on 20 January at Asia World Expo. The set was kind of short, only around 80 minutes. But that’s enough for them to steal your heart.

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There are thousands of alternative / synth pop bands out there but I’m impressed by how Phoenix took the live concert to the next level. The synth pop beats easily strIked one’s nerve to dance and swing. The stage-wide screen added extraordinary visual effect to the performance – sometimes like fluorescent tube in rainbow colors, sometimes with video filmed from the angle from the car front of driving in France or images of different scenes. From the perspectives of the crowd, Phoenix boys were silhouettes playing music in front of the colorful backdrop. It was almost like a multimedia art show.

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Experienced musicians always know how to entertain their fans. Vocalist Thomas Mars is certainly a successful entertainer. Mars frequently stood on the ledge of the high stage trying to minimize the distance with his fans and had jumped down to the press area to interact with the audience. That was a really sweet thing to see at a stadium concert.

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Thomas Mars‘ crowd-sufing signature was definitely the highlight of the night. I have to say he’s a pretty good crowd surfer. In the  interview with Phoenix before the show, we had asked him regarding his crowd surfing acts.

Dinosaur Journal: You mentioned about stop doing crowd-surfing? Are you gonna stop it?
Thomas Mars: MY MOM WANTS ME TO STOP IT HAHA. I don’t know. It’s not something I planned to do. It think I’m in a strange position ’cause when we start the music, we are entertainer. We are just musicians. Sometimes it’s weird when we see each other on stage. I mean… we know how to play music, but we don’t feel like entertainer. Always there’s a point when something strange happens, I lose the sense of time and space. So suddenly I’m in the crowd. I don’t know how I get there.

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[Exclusive Interview] Phoenix – Crowd-surfing, Tips on Touring and the Number of 10
[Photo Recap] Phoenix – Live in Hong Kong