[Live Review + Photography] Warpaint + Youth Lagoon – Live in Hong Kong




If you are a regular reader of NME, you’ll notice the name “Warpaint” appeared on the magazine quite frequently. Well, that definitely reflects the fact that these California girls have gained mainstream attention in recent years, especially in UK. And this year on the Valentine’s Day, coincidentally 10th anniversary of the group, Warpaint had stepped onto our stage in Hong Kong.

如果你是NME的讀者,你會發現 Warpaint 的名字在雜誌上出現得相當頻密,這反映了這四個加州女孩已經得到主流樂壇的注意。近年來,她們的音樂,尤其在英國,的而且確有不錯的迴響。而今年的情人節,也是 Warpaint 組成10週年的日子,她們終於踏上香港的舞台。

Photo Recap – Warpaint + Youth Lagoon – Live in Hong Kong

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The organizer had brought Idaho-based singer-songwriter Youth Lagoon as opening act. Quite an impressive set I’d call it. The whole performance kind of reminds me the evening shows in NYC’s small clubs, where everybody would chill and have a drink with light-hearted music after work. The vintage fabrics over Youth Lagoon’s keyboard added the scent of avant-garde to the performance. His unconscious smile pulled you closer to his music. it’s just me or Youth Lagoon really looked a bit like Robert Smith form The Cure – besides he used synthesizer and keyboard rather than guitar.

主辦單位帶來了愛達荷州的音樂人Youth Lagoon 作為暖埸樂隊。他的演出讓我想起了在紐約小俱樂部的傍晚音樂會,那些富層次而輕鬆的音樂作品再加上一杯飲品,令所有人都沈醉在那一刻。鋪在 Youth Lagoon 鍵盤下的復古布疋加強了 avant-garde 的氣味。他不經意的笑容拉近了觀眾和他音樂的距離。可能只是我的錯覺,Youth Lagoon 看起來真的有點像 The Cure 的 Robert Smith – 除了他用的合成器和鍵盤而不是結他。

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An hour later theWarpaint girls were finally here! As usual the now pink-hair vocalist/bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg caught most of the attention. You could hear people screaming “I love you Jenny” over and over again. The 70-minute melancholic dreamy set was like a musical showcase for the California girls. They switched from one position to another – guitar, vocal, keyboard, percussion. Just like other Warpaint shows, “Love Is To Die” brought the response to the peak; eventually they wrapped up the Valentine’s Day with “Elephant”. I’d say this show was good but nothing much would stay in your mind waking up in the next morning. There was something left – probably because of the poor lighting and the live mix. Emily Kokal asked the controllers through the mic for “moody lighting” and “can we have some (lighting) color? We’re performing on the stage!”. And I guess you’d have noticed the stereo system at KITEC is fairly bad, especially for music like Warpaint’s which has a great emphasis on bass.

Still, hope everybody had a special Valentine’s Day with Warpaint and Youth Lagoon.

一個小時後,Warpaint 的女孩們終於出來了!一如以往,現在染了的粉紅色頭髮主唱/貝司手 Jenny Lee Lindberg 抓住了大部分觀眾的注意力。你可以聽到人們不斷尖叫著 “我愛你 Jenny”。這70分鐘夢幻又帶點憂鬱的表演讓 Warpaint 充份展示了各人的音樂才華。他們從一個位置切換到另一個 : 吉他,聲樂,鍵盤,敲擊樂。就像其他Warpaint表演, “Love Is To Die” 帶來的整晚的高潮,最終他們以 “Elephant” 結束了這個情人節的音樂會 。總括來說這個表演整體上是不錯的,但第二天早上醒來就沒有什麼會留在你的心中,總之就像有些不足似的。我想這可能是因為不協調的燈光和現場混音。Emily Kokal 在現場通過麥克風問控制人員可否要一些較柔和及有顏色的燈光。我猜你已注在到九展的立體聲系統不太完美,尤其是對像 Warpaint 般強調重低音的音樂影響更大。

最後,希望大家都享受與 Warpaint 和 Youth Lagoon 的一個情人節吧。



Photo Recap – Warpaint + Youth Lagoon – Live in Hong Kong