[News + Random] Wayne Static Of Static-X Announces Dates Of Wisconsin Death Trip 15th Anniversary Tour



Industrial metal legend Wayne Static of Static-X , who had just performaed in Shenzhen MIDI Music Festival, has announced the dates of the Wisconsin Death Trip 15th Anniversary Tour. We Are The Riot and Corvus offer support on the tour which kicks off on April 5th in Tempe, Arizona.

Wayne Static talked to publicist in Hollywood, California.
“I can’t believe it’s been almost 15 years to the day since Wisconsin Death Trip was released, and in 1999 I never could have predicted all the love from all you Evil Disco followers for so many years. This tour is for all the hardcores as a celebration of what we have accomplished together. 15 years later and I’m still kicking thanks to all of you! We are going to play the cd top to bottom and it’s gonna be a blast to pull out some of the old tracks that I have not performed live in years, some that have never been played live, and of course all the songs that have become staples of my show. WDT is a rather short cd, so you can also look forward to a hefty encore that will be different every night! This is going to be insane!”

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Video – Push it (single from Wisconsin Death Trip)




早前曾在堔圳 MIDI 音樂節演出的工業金屬傳奇 Static-X 的主將 Wayne Static 日前宣布,於4月5日在美國亞利桑那州會為1999年出版的 Wisconsin Death Trip 大碟15週年巡迴之旅揭開序幕,屆時會有搖滾樂團 We Are The Riot 和 Corvus 作為暖場。

Wayne Static 在加州跟我們公關講述他對是次演出的期望。
“我不能相信已接近15年了,因為在1999年出版 Wisconsin Death Trip 時,我從沒預料會擁有這麼多的追隨者,這次巡演是與所有硬核愛好者一起慶祝我們多年來的創作。 15年後,我仍然踢感謝大家了!我們會在現場表演 Wisconsin Death Trip 的所有曲目,包括一些很久沒有演奏過的音樂,有部份更是從未在現場演奏過的,WDT是相當短的大碟,所以你也可以期待每晚都會有截然不同的 encore!這將會很瘋狂! “


Video – Push it (single from Wisconsin Death Trip)