[Live Review + Photography] Dark Tranquillity – Live in Hong Kong

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Melodic death metal pioneers Dark Tranquillity had given their first show in Hong Kong in their 25-year career. On 16 March, Mikael Stanne & co  had brought us a beautiful ,deadly glamorous evening with their 19-song set. For those who don’t know, Dark Tranquillity began in 1989 and is one of the most representable acts in the genre of blending death metal with melodic elements. As I lay Dying, Arch Enemy, Shadows Fall and Children of Bodom (who will come to town in May as well) are amongst those bands that were inspired by these Swedish rockers.

旋律死亡金屬先驅 Dark Tranquillity 成軍25年首度來港,並於3月16日在 KITEC Music Zone 作現場演出。主唱 Mikael Stanne 與隊員共表演了19首歌曲,給我們帶來了一個致命而迷人的晚上。較年輕的樂迷可能不知道,Dark Tranquillity於1989年組成,是把死亡金屬和旋律元素融合的始祖。As I Lay Dying、Arch Enemy、Children of Bodom(順帶一提他們在五月也會來港)和 Shadows Fall 等著名樂團也是受這瑞典的搖滾樂隊所啟蒙的。

Photo Recap – Dark Tranquillity – Live in Hong Kong

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The fast riffing from guitarist Niklas Sundin overlays with Martin Henriksson’s harmonic guitar lines created a hard-soft dynamic for Mikael Stanne’s brutal growling and clean vocals. The dramatic effect of the keyboard sound lightened up the whole set in live, making it like a gothic musical opera. It was absolutely unescapable! Having said that, the lighting killed all the imagination every 5 minutes. Basically the general lighting was turned on between songs when Stanne was greeting his fans. This writers didn’t think it’s necessary at all. Who would want to glimpse the one standing next to you in a gig but the performers you adored on stage? When the music was on again, the light dimmed out and everybody was falling into the Tranquillity’s darkness again.

Then it repeated.

Niklas Sundin 快速的結他演奏與 Martin Henriksson 的和弦結他互相輝映,與 Mikael Stanne 的歌聲配合得天依無縫。鍵琴配樂更為歌曲帶來戲劇性的效果,大大提升了現場氣氛,整個演出就像一個哥特式的音樂劇。相信出席的觀眾會絕對認同!可是,現場的燈光握殺了所有的想像空間。基本上,當 Mikael Stanne 在歌與歌之間和樂迷說話時,所有的燈光就全部亮起來,就像是完場似的。試問在演唱會中,有誰會在意看到站在你身旁的人!? 所有樂迷都只希望一睹他們崇拜的表演者吧! 當音樂再次響起時,光線便再次變暗,每個人都亦再進入 Tranquillity 的 Darkness 了。

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The quirky weirdness of the animated projection brought an infectious impact to the audience which was a perfect backdrop for Dark Tranquillity’s music. It was a pure enjoyment for your eyes and ears. Yet, thanks to the awkward light stands right in front of the screen, the video was obstructed from beginning to end. It’s like there were two guys standing in front of your seat in the cinema – you just want to knock them out.

前 — 你只想把他幹掉。

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Besides these technical aspects and by judging the performance musically, the whole concert was like a solo showcase of Mikael Stanne. He remained very active throughout the night. A diehard fan brought a huge Swedish national flag with him / her and successfully passed it to Stanne. He looked THRILLED! to receive such a warm welcoming gift in the far East. Niklas Sundin’s solid guitar solo certainly brought another highlight of the night. Fast, accurate and arresting solo is the essential element of ANY metal music, especially in live performance. It was breathtaking. The set was composed of a diverse mix of songs – new materials like The Science of Noise, older hits Terminus and of course the anthemic Misery’ Crown.

除了這些場地問題,從整體音樂表現來判斷,整場演唱會就像是 Mikael Stanne 的獨立表演。他整晚在台上非常活躍,不斷與到場樂迷交流。有忠實追隨者帶來了巨型的瑞典國旗,而且成功把它遞到 Stanne 的手中。他看了非常興奮!可能是從來沒想過會在地球另一面接受到這樣的歡迎禮物吧。Niklas Sundin 穩健的結他獨奏肯定是當晚的另一大亮點。快速,準繩,精彩的獨奏是任何金屬音樂的基本要素,尤其在現場表演。這次演出集合了 Dark Tranquillity 不同年期的歌曲 – 像新曲 The Science of Noise,90年代推出的 Terminus,當然還包括代表 Misery’ Crown。

Though it was not a massive crowd full of furious audience, the guys seemed to enjoy the show pretty much. And this writer can say, a HKD $280 ticket is definitely a valuable price to see these experienced metallers for 120 minutes.

Talent, innovation, experience and humbleness make good musicians. And they have it all.

這次雖然沒有一大群充滿憤怒的觀眾,但 Dark Tranquillity 看似不太在乎。而小編可以說,以港幣 280元的票價,就可欣賞到這經驗豐富的金屬樂隊,絕對是超所值。
經驗、創新、才華、謙虛 – 都是作為成功樂手的首要條件。而 Dark Tranquillity 正是如此。