[Live Review + Photography] LAIBACH – Live in Hong Kong




Slovenia industrial rockers and visual artists Laibach brought their avant-garde invasion to Hong Kong on 20 March. If you have heard their music before, or, have read our previous Music Features, which some of their best creations were picked for your preview, you’d have the idea of what kind of message Laibach convey. In this concert, you could see their controversial military-inspired, Socialistic aesthetic was filled in every beats in every possible ways.
斯洛文尼亞工業搖滾樂團和藝術家 Laibach 在3月20日入侵香港,把他們前衛的音樂藝術呈現在大家面前。如果你曾聽過他們的音樂,或者閱讀過我們早前的音樂專題,你大概就會明白 Laibach 想傳達的理念。在這場演唱會,你可以看到他們備受爭議的軍事風格和社會主義美學。Laibach 嘗試用不同方式去表現此美學,讓它滲透在每一個節拍。
Photo Recap – Laibach – Live in Hong Kong
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Indeed, I’d call it as a performance rather than a concert because defining this hot 90-minute show as solely a musical exchange is kind of degradation of the overall quality and what Laibach tried to curate on stage. I will explain my perspectives below…
事實上,我會視這次演出為 performance 多於 concert;因為將這90分鐘激昂的表演視作為單純的音樂交流絕不能概括 Laibach 嘗試在舞台上展示的訊息,甚至有點不尊重。小編會在下面解釋我們的觀點…
 #1 – Military Costumes.
Dressed in his signature military-style uniform and army hat, Milan Fras marched in like an soldier in the repeating white noise from the synthesizers after all members, in full black shirts and perfectly-fit black pants or skirt, were set in position like fellow soldiers. Everybody was waiting for Captain’s command to kick off the radical celebration.
1. 軍事服飾。
除主將 Milan Fras 外,其他成員均穿上筆直的全黑襯衫和完美貼身的黑色褲子/裙子首先踏上台板。他們像士兵般冷酷嚴肅的站著,然後慢慢奏起一連串的電子音樂。
然後,Milan Fras 終於都來臨了!穿著標誌性的軍事風格製服和軍隊帽子的 Milan 像一個軍官般在合成器重複的白噪聲中進埸;每個人都在等待他一聲浩令把這激進的慶祝活動揭開序幕。
#2 – Army Gesture.
Another spotlight (and iphone cameras) must be fallen on the touring member Mina Špiler. This gorgeous, cold, tough-looking lady is the female vocal and synthesizer player who joined Laibach crew in 2012. Need not to say, she gained much of the attention with her killer eyesight. The way she held the speaker was so firm and confident like making a public announcement. If you were lucky enough to have an eye contact with Špiler, you would realize she had been looking downward at you! Just like a Commander shouting at the soldiers! Speaking of stage gesture,  Milan Fras‘ widely-open arms to thank the audience somewhat reminded me how one leader greet his followers! Powerful and dignifying.
2. 軍事姿態。
另一個焦點(和眾多的 iPhone 鏡頭)都落在 Mina Špiler 上。這個冷艷而看起來又有點顧執的女巡演成員在2012年加入 Laibach,負責和唱和合成器。不用多說,她殺手般的眼神吸引到不少的注意;手執揚聲器的方式是如此堅定和自信,看上去像在宣佈軍事訊息似的。如果你夠幸運,與 Mina 有眼神接觸,你會意識到她其實一直向下斜望著群眾!沒錯,就如一個指揮官嚴厲地看著戰士們!說到舞台的姿態,Milan Fras 高舉張開雙手感謝觀眾時讓我想起領導者迎接追隨者的場面!莊嚴而沉重 。
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#3 – Avant-garde Video.
The gloomy, bloody, quirky videos played a big part in the overall performance. The use of logo and signage gave you endless imagination. The repetitive flashing images brought in hallucinated effect to your brain. Monotone torturing clips made your blood ran up to your head. It synchronized with the 20’s German Impressionist moving images artworks. Besides brute and politics, Laibach had showed their great interest in the exploration of space and nothingness.
3. 前衛視頻。
陰暗、血腥,奇異的視頻在整個表演中帶起了很大的作用。Laibach 大量使用標誌帶給你無限的想像空間。重複閃爍的影像令你的腦海產生幻覺。單色的殘酷折磨片段令你毛骨悚然,這與20年代德國的印象派藝術片相接近。除了暴力和政治,Laibach 亦展示了他們對太空和虛無的探索有極大的興趣。
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#4 – Idol-Worshipping
Also in many of Laibach’s artworks, the frequent appearance of the images of the NSK (Laibach’s fictional utopia) leader in the show was like the Socialistic practice to worship political-idols. Worth to mention they had sampled the National song of China into their music, with Mina Špiler sang it in Mandarin and the lyric displayed on the projection screen.
4. 偶像崇拜。
此外,在這次演出以及許多 Laibach 的藝術品中,NSK,即Laibach虛構的烏托邦,的領袖圖像出現頻繁,與社會主義中的崇拜政治偶像非常類似。值得一提,他們在歌曲中加入中國國歌,Mina Špiler 更用普通話來演繹,投影屏幕上亦顯示了歌詞。
P1130551 P1130608
Musically-speaking, the heavy, machine-like drumbeats became the leading temper of the flow. With the blend of electronic sound from three synthesizers and Mina Špiler‘s vocal, the roaring from Milan Fras became more dramatic. It was a perfect cross-media neoclassical dark wave performance. Thank you for coming Laibach!
音樂方面,沉重而重覆的鼓聲像個工業拍子機,帶領了整個音樂的流動。三座合成器的電子聲音混合Mina Špiler 的聲樂,令 Milan Fras 的低沉聲音變得更劇烈。這是可以說是一個完美的跨媒體、充滿新古典黑暗主義的演出。Laibach 謝謝您的來臨!
Photo Recap – Laibach – Live in Hong Kong