[Song Commentary] William Control (Aiden) x Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides) New Song Illuminator



Aiden frontman William Control has released the lyric video for his track “Illuninator” (featuring Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides) from his upcoming album “The Neuromancer” (out April 4th).

“Tim Bullock from A Glass Half did an amazing job piecing together some old European tour footage. I love this video so much and can’t wait for everyone to listen to the rest of the album.” William Control

About William Control:
An overwhelmingly striking visual character in the still-misunderstood world of electronic “dark wave,” William Control serves as the physical incarnation of the phrase “no rest for the wicked.” In addition to his role as lead vocalist for Seattle-based rockers Aiden, William is also a writer, producer and engineer, all the while continuing to serve as a willing ambassador to the outside world for black sheep everywhere.



Aiden 主唱 William Control  發布了與 Black Veil Brides 的 Andy Biersack  合作的歌詞視頻 “Illuninator”。此曲將收錄在4月4日出版的專輯 “The Neuromancer”。

William 跟我們的公關說 “我喜歡這個視頻! A Glass Half  的 Tim Bullock 把一些老歐洲巡演的畫面拼湊起來,做了一個了不起的工作!我很其待大家快點聽到這張專輯的其餘部分。”

關於 William Control
當大多數人仍然對 “Dark Wave” 存有誤解,認為這是不認真的音樂類別。經常以濃妝示人的音樂人 William Control  視自己為 “沒有休息的惡人” (英文俚語 no rest for the wicked)。因為除了他作為西雅圖的搖滾樂隊 Aiden 的主唱外,同時也是一位作家,監製和工程師,並樂於繼續作為一個無處不在、被外界標籤的害群之馬。