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2 days after the 80’s post-punk pioneer Peter Hook’s (Joy Division / New Order) performance in Hong Kong, London’s new post-punk generation White Lies  took over the city with their critically-acclaimed music, including numerous hits from To Lose My Life…, which scored no.1 on UK Albums Chart in 2009. It’s still the only debut album in the music history which landed straight at no.1 on the same chart.

在80年代 post-punk 先驅 Peter Hook( Joy Division / New Order)的來港兩天後,倫敦的新一代 post-punk 樂團 White Lies 亦空降香港,展示他們廣受好評的音樂,當中包括專輯 To Lose My Life… 的代表作。該專輯在2009年推出時拿下英國大碟榜第一位。至今在音樂史上它仍然是唯一取得此佳績的首張專輯。

Photo Recap – White Lies – Live in Hong Kong

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If you think this stop as part of the Big TV Tour  will purely be a promotional concert  for their new album Big TV, then you’re absolutely wrong. In the 16-song set, White Lies perfectly slotted in their anthems from different eras, including their pre-debut anthems “Death”, “Unfinished Business” and “To Lose My Life”. The post-punk trio were joined by two touring members on stage for keyboard and additional guitar. And that certainly helped generating a much better outcome in live performance. Indeed, their live sounded way more uplifting and sensational than their recordings, especially in highlighting the danceable beats with their quite sunny appearance.

如果你覺得這次演出作為 Big TV 巡演的其中一站,White Lies 只會純粹為新作 Big TV作宣傳,那你就大錯特錯了。他們在整個音樂會表演了16首歌,包括不同的時期的名曲 ,當然少不了在首張專輯發行前已取得名氣的 “Death”、”Unfinished Business” 和 “To Lose My Life”。這個 post-punk  三人組在演出時會額外加入兩名巡迴成員,分別負責鍵盤/合成器和的結他。那絕對是如虎添翼之舉,有助提升現整體場表演的效果。事實上,他們的現埸演出比他們的錄音更令人振奮,尤其在突出 White Lies 的跳脫節拍與他們陽光的外表,有着非凡的感染力。

I close my eyes as my hands shake And when I see a new day Who’s driving this anyway I picture my own grave, ’cause fear’s got a hold on me

– Death / White Lies –

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 Even though White Lies have only released three albums in their career, they have produced enough anthems to keep the hype up between the new materials. The overly-illuminated stage seemed to be mismatched with the darkness and underlying gothic message. Being a stadium act in UK, the London rockers didn’t lose their professional attitude in front of a small crowd in the Far East and still kept their cheerful smiles on throughout the whole concert.

雖然 White Lies 在他們的職業生涯中只發行了三張專輯,他們已經擁有足夠代表作,可以在表演新材料之間保持觀眾的熱情。過於明亮的燈光似乎與 White Lies 所表達的黑暗和哥特式信息不配合。作為英國的大型演唱會常客,這個火熱的倫敦搖滾樂隊並沒有失去他們的專業態度,在地球的另一面,面對一群少觀眾仍在整個演唱會中保持着開朗的笑容。

Photo Recap 現場相片– White Lies – Live in Hong Kong