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“Sense of humor” may not be a common term to describe a death metal show, but it is in the case of The Black Dahlia Murder. To clarify, it doesn’t mean they are not a serious band because they are, it simply implies that TBDM are here to offer you something extra on top of brutalness.

“幽默感”可能不是一個用來描述死亡金屬的常見用語,但它卻適用在 The Black Dahllia Murder 的表演。先澄清一點,這並不代表他們不是一隊認真的樂隊,而是意味著 TBDM 會在殘暴的音樂外加入一點另類的原素。

Photo Recap – The Black Dahlia Murder – Live in Hong Kong

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The Black Dahlia Murder formed in Michigan in 2000 and have their first show in Hong Kong on 23 April for their “Into the Everblack” promotional tour. Despite the fact that many post-show feedback has fallen into the wrong choice of picking a theater-size venue for this suppose-to-be intimate headbanging live gig; and the time clash with another rock group Alcest’s show coincidentally which compete for the minority metal community here; indeed there are a lot other reasons to talk about the show.

The Black Dahlia Murder 於2000年成立於美國密歇根州,他們在4月23日首次來港為其新專輯 Everblack 作宣傳巡演。儘管今次演唱會的回應大都落在錯誤的埸地選擇(觀眾情願樂團在較親密的場地作演出);和另一搖滾樂隊Alcest的在同一晚演出的時間的巧合 (在這金屬樂迷相對較少的城市引致不必要的競爭);其實也有很多理由來談談這個表演。

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Any gig-goers will be full of anticipation to see a band they love who have travelled for 16 hours from the States to your city for the first time. And I hope you aren’t being let down because of the size of the crowd because to me, I left the show with a big smile in my heart. (Yes, “smile” is another rare term in a metal article…)

相信任何觀眾在看到他們喜愛的樂團乘搭16個小時飛機從美國來到你的城市,心裏準是充滿期待的。我希望你不會因為現場人群的規模而對今次的演出失望;因為對小編來說,我是會心微笑離開會埸的。(是的, “微笑”又是另一個罕見的金屬音樂形容詞……)

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If you have read other concert reviews regarding The Black Dahlia Murder’s live performance, you know they are one of those SOLID bands who would give you an unforgettable live experience. While everyone were discussing if TBDM were too disappointed with the general reception in Hong Kong where metal is labelled as the “indiest” indie music, Trevor Strnad (vocalist) & co. took the stage with fire in their eyes! It’s always hard to perform in an empty room and a generally-passive crowd. But you can tell the boys try to do everything they can to turn it around.

如果你閱讀過關於 The Black Dahlia Murder 的現場評論,你會知道他們是那些真材實料、能帶給你難忘的現場體驗的樂隊。雖然當埸每個人都在討論 TBDM 會否太失望,最後主唱 Trevor Strnad 與隊員在8時半左右上台,眼裡都是充滿火的!所有玩音樂的人都知道在一個小而被動的觀眾群面前來表演總是很難。但你可以告訴 The Black Dahlia Murder 盡力嘗試去扭轉局面。

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With their inescapable blasting beats and sludgy, fast riffs, they easily brainwash away our unnecessary concerns. The Black  Dahlia Murder kicked off the show with  In Hell Is Where She Waits for Me, opening track from their latest work Everblack, followed by the hit Moonlight Equilibrium off their critically-acclaimed release Ritual. Although the interaction tricks and cheering may seem too frequent, with no doubt it certainly gets the crowd hype up. As a fan, you always want to have the minimum distance with your heros on stage. And that’s what Trevor Strnad is willing to do. There’s no I-am-a-prestigous-rockstar ego. You know, it’s so easy for anybody on stage to call it quit after seeing this hollowness but he manages so well. It is one insanely tight performance ignoring the negative factors.

他們不可迴避的爆破鼓聲和複雜快速的結他演奏,很容易把我們不必要的顧慮洗腦。The Black Dahlia Murder 以新專輯 Everblack 的 In Hell Is Where She Waits for Me 拉開序幕, 隨後有他們廣受好評大碟 Ritual 中的 Moonlight Equilibrium。雖然他們與觀眾的交流似乎過於頻繁,毫無疑問那肯定把現場氣氛帶動起來。作為一個樂迷,你總希望與舞台上的音樂英雄的距離減到最小,而這正是 Trevor Strnad 願意做的,完全有沒有 “我是搖滾明星” 的自大。他瘋狂而緊緻的表現完全不受負面因素映响。

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As the show goes on, TBDM gradually show their comfortability and have some light-hearted dialogues with the audience. This is something you won’t see with a huge crowd – the intimacy. The sense of humor gives you some hilarious, touching moments that, again, is not commonly seen in a anger-filled metal concert.

“Our bladders are very small, so we have to pee haha. Actually, we just pee together”
when they try to describe the short break before encore. 

“Anyone like beer? Put your hands up.”
“Why that’s the same group of people haha?”
“The rest must like a healthy liver!”


隨著表演進行, TBDM 逐漸減少那種刻意,歌曲間與觀眾有一些輕鬆的對話。這是你在大型觀眾群不會看到的親密。那種令人微笑的幽默和熱鬧,往往充滿憤怒的金屬音樂會也是不常見的。

The Black Dahlia Murder 在描述 encore 前的短暫休息時這樣說:

“大概其餘的喜歡健康的肝臟! ”



It’s not hard to see they smiled unconsciously especially towards the end of the show. Somehow these jokes and easiness fit the niche these hardcore-looking death metallers have put themselves in.  As Strnad mentioned in an interviewMetal is what I grew up with, and then I learned about punk and hardcore. But a lot of our ethics, the way we carry ourselves, is more punk…I like that hardcore has a sense of community without the competition you see in metal.” Now you know why you leave the room with a warmth in your heart and vigorous blood running through your vein.

你會留意到表演時他們不自覺地笑,不知何故,這些笑話和從容很適合這些 hardcore 外觀的死亡金屬樂隊的自我定位。 正如 Trevor Strnad 在過往採訪時提到,“我從小和金屬一起長大,然後我了解了 punk 和 hardcore,但很多我們的道德以至定位都是偏往 punk rock 的…… 我喜歡 hardcore 大家庭中沒有像 metal 的競爭”。現在你知道為什麼當你離開會埸時,會感到有劇烈的血液流過你的靜脈。



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