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“Your tears don’t fall, they crash around me
Her conscious call, the guilty to come home”
Tears Don’t Fall, Bullet For My Valentine

Photo Recap – Bullet For My Valentine – Live in Hong Kong

This is not a quote from the poetry or break-up letter. It’s a familiar phrase in the mid-80’s / early-90’s generation written by a band they have probably listened to for 500 HUNDRED times on CD and are dying to hear it live for once. And tonight, their wish is granted, ’cause Bullet For My Valentine are finally here!

這不是節錄自詩歌或分手信,而是一首80中 / 90後群體熟悉的歌曲。他們大概已經聽過這樂隊的 CD 500遍,心裏暗暗希望能在現場再聴一遍。而今晚,他們的願望實現了,因為 Bullet For My Valentine 終於來港了!

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Since these Welsh rockers came out in 2004, they gradually gained attentions from critics and rock followers; until 2006, they achieved commercial success with smash hit Tears Don’t Fall which turned them into international superstars. Knowing Bullet For My Valentine’s massive popularity in Hong Kong, we expect to see booming sign-a-long and flesh-to-flesh circle pit. Now the show’s over, and this writer tells you, Mr. Matt Tuck & co. have offered what you want because they know exactly what you desire.

由2004年正式出道以來,這個威爾斯搖滾樂隊逐漸受到樂論人和搖滾追隨者的注意;直到2006年,他們以 Tears Don’t Fall 取得了商業上的成功,使他們成為國際巨星。就 Bullet For My Valentine 在香港的受歡迎程度,我們期望看到振耳欲聾的全場大合唱和人貼人的 mosh pit。現在,演唱會已經結束,小編可以告訴你,主將Matt Tuck 和隊友帶來了每個人渴望看到的,因為,他們確切地知道你心裏所想的。

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And here comes the flawless show… probably TOO perfect that it leaves no scars in your memory for you to recall the heat and the pain. With almost 10 years’ wait, it’s a guarantee this night is gonna take you down the memory lane – all the tears, heartbreaks and teenage angst that BFMV’s songs have get you through. What a celebration to look back at your heydays at a frantic live show!

而這個接近完美無瑕的表演終於來臨了……大概因為如此完美,它不會在你的記憶留下深刻、熱刺的疤痕。隨著近10年的等待,這晚保證會帶你步上回憶的道路所有 Bullet For My Valentine 的歌曲陪你渡過的眼淚,心碎和焦慮。就像一個回顧你美好日子的瘋狂慶祝!

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Kicking off with 2014 new song Raising Hell, the groovy-looking frontman Matt Tuck stepped out from the dark under the choking beats of the intro. The quartet definitely look fully-charged. Followed by Scream Aim Fire and Betrayal, these straight-forward pure rock and roll tunes emphasis on melodies are always the best adrenaline for the ready-to-rock hot-blooded crowd.

以2014年新曲 Raising Hell 揭開序幕,作前衛打扮的主唱 Matt Tuck 在歌曲的強勁節拍前奏下從黑暗中走出來。四個成員看上去充滿電似的。緊隨期後有 Scream Aim Fire 和 Betrayal,這些直接而強調旋律的純搖滾音樂對於準備好跳進搖滾世界的熱血年青人是最好的腎上腺素。

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From  over 10 years’ creation, they have plenty of triumphant hits to fill their world tour set where songs from their latest album Temper, Temper are perfectly slotted into the oldies. The 80-minute rundown is extremely smooth and seems effortless. Despite the fact that Matt’s vocal starts to get husky after half of the set (probably due to his throat surgery during 2006), the band still sound impeccable.

擁有超過10年的創作,Bullet 有足夠的熱門歌曲可放在他們的世界巡演 setlist,可讓他們把最新專輯 Temper, Temper 的歌曲完美地加進舊歌列中。BFMV 80分鐘的演出是極其流暢,看似乎毫不費力的。儘管 Matt 的聲線在中埸後變得沙啞(可能是由於2006年的喉嚨手術影響),樂隊整體聲音仍然是無可挑剔的。




Every strong strike on the strings and heavy kick at the drum drives the crowd insane, but none of those can bring a bigger impact than Tuck’s angry shoutouts. It’s obvious that Bullet For My Valentine have grown so much in these years from a small band trashing around to a stadium act. One thing remains unchanged is their signature heavy metal ballad. There’s always a trace of brutality in the beautifully-crafted melody. One highlight is Matt Tuck’s solo intro of Last Fight  giving everyone goosebumps on their waving arms in the air. (You can watch this version in the YouTube video at the bottom)

每一下強烈的撥弦和強大的鼓聲很容易便令現場觀眾瘋狂,但這些都不及 Matt 憤怒的叫喊對氣氛有更大的影響。很明顯 Bullet For My Valentine 在這十年已經從一個小樂隊脫變成可以支撐整個體育場館的大樂隊。有一點不變的是他們招牌式的重金屬歌曲,總有一絲絲殘酷的而淒美的旋律。全晚其中一個亮點是 Matt Tuck 的以結他獨奏帶入 Last Fight,令大家不禁舉起雞皮疙瘩的雙手在空中揮舞著。 (你在可以下面觀看這個版本的 YouTube 視頻)

P1140570 P1140496


Yet there’s another wise move which again proves their rockstar status. This time Bullet decide to give you a flashback in 15 minutes of their 10-year career. They have sampled five songs, one from each release (first EP to their latest album) and perform at once seamlessly – Hand of Blood / Room 409 / Hearts Burst into Fire / Begging for Mercy / Riot. This has become an usual track in their recent performance and has received enormous feedback.

然而,Bullet 還有另一種明智之舉,再次證明了他們搖滾明星的地位。這次 Bullet 決定把他們10年職業生涯濃縮至15分鐘,給你作一個快閃回顧。他們節錄了五首歌曲,由第一張EP到他們最新專輯,每一張一首曲,連接得天依無縫,包括 Hand of Blood 、 Room 409 、 Hearts Burst into Fire 、 Begging for Mercy 和 Riot。這個串燒歌已經成為他們最近表演的常見曲目,並獲得了巨大的正面平價。

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POLISHED is the first word and probably the most suitable word that comes up to our minds to sum up the show, from the blasting sound to their edgy postures on stage and even the lingering singalong. Unless you’re looking for a harsh intimate sweaty night which this concert might fail you; otherwise, you would leave the hall with joyful tears and a fulfilled teenage dream.

“修飾” 是第一個浮現在我們腦海、也是最適合用總結這次巡演的形容詞:從爆破的音樂、刻意的舞台姿態到揮之不去的大合唱。 除非你是在尋找一個充滿暴力、汗水的親密演出 (這可能會令你失望),您將會帶着快樂的眼淚和已實現的少年夢想離開會埸。


現場相片 – Bullet For My Valentine – Live in Hong Kong