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It’s rare to have a REAL punk rock show in Hong Kong where soft pop, radio-friendly Brit Pop and brutal metal concerts have dominated the whole indie live market. But on this year’s Labour Day holiday, we suddenly have a big punk name coming to town – D.O.A.

在香港這個讓柔和的流行音樂、容易入耳的Brit Pop和殘酷 Metal 音樂佔據了整個獨立演唱會市場的地方,真正的 Punk Rock 演出是很罕見的。但在今年的五一勞動節,突然有個 punk rock 大名來臨,那就是 D.O.A.。

Photo Recap – D.O.A. – Live in Hong Kong


For our readers from the younger generation, D.O.A. are known as the pioneer of hardcore punk along side with names like Black Flag, Minor Threat and Circle Jerks. In other words, they are the mentors of what you listen to nowadays – Rise Against, NOFX, Pennywise, Bad Religion, etc.

對於我們年輕一代的讀者來說,對 D.O.A. 可能比較默生。他們被稱為 hardcore punk 的先驅,與 Black Flag、Minor Threat 和 Circle Jerks 等齊名。換句話說,D.O.A. 是你現在常常聆聽的樂團的導師 – Rise Against、NOFX、Pennywise、Bad Religion等等。

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Growing up in the punk rock scene, this writer is thrilled to have the opportunity to see these Canadian punk vets in my hometown. As part of D.O.A.’s Farewell Tour, the show is going to be a celebration of their 35-year career in advancing the punk rock movement with their intense, socially- and politically conscious music. If you have doubts how punk a punk can be after 35 years, well they would probably say “We don’t care what you say, Fuck you!”. Indeed, most of the old-school punk bands we covered after their heydays are still in good shapes; Misfits, T.S.O.L., Black Flag and The Replacements are perfect examples just to name a few.

生長在 Punk Rock 圈子裏,筆者很高興有機會能在香港看到這些加拿大 Punk Rock 老兵。由於這是 D.O.A. 告別巡演的一部分,演出將會是對其35年職業生涯的慶祝。他們激烈而充滿社會和政治意識的音樂對推動了 Punk Rock 運動有很大影響。如果你懷疑 punk rocker 35年後會否仍是 punk rocker,他們可能會以:“We don’t care what you say, Fuck You! ” 回答。事實上,我們看過不少老派 punk rock 樂隊如 Misfits、T.S.O.L.、Black Flag 、The Replacements 等的現場演出,他們大多數仍處於良好的狀態,不比全盛時期遜色。

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It’s interesting to go to a punk show in HK. You won’t see mohawk kids in denim vest with patches and ripped off jeans, instead, you see people in neat outfit or even in a formal, straightly-ironed suit (at least that’s what happened in The Damned’s 30th Anniversary Tour Hong Kong stop). Luckily we got some Dead Kennedys and Ramones for D.O.A. this time.

在香港看朋克演是很有趣的。你不會看到 梳”公雞頭”、 穿縫滿樂團徴章的牛仔背心和穿洞牛仔褲的年青人,相反,你看到人們穿著整潔的服裝,甚至是筆挺的西裝(至少在 The Damned 的30週年巡演香港站是這樣)。幸好這次我們有些 Dead Kennedys 和 Ramones 的舊 T-shirt。


D.O.A. decide to let their debut album Something Better Change be the driving force of the 80-minute set – World War 3, 2+2, Woke Up Screaming, The Enemy and The Prisoner.  Somehow seeing Joey Shithead and co. jamming in a club is like bringing everybody back to the 80’s when punk rock was still dangerous music and the punk mosh was so bloody-violent no one left without bruises and wounds. Tonight, though the mosh pit is way calmer and gentler, the hardcores still try to get as much as audience moving.

這次 D.O.A. 決定以他們第一個專輯 Something Better Change 作為80分鐘演出的驅動力: World War 3, 2+2, Woke Up Screaming, The Enemy and The Prisoner。看到 Joey Shithead 和隊員在一家小酒吧演出就像是把每個人都帶回到80年代;當時 punk rock 還是危險的音樂,punk mosh 是如此血腥、暴力,沒有人可以絲毫無損地離開。今晚,雖然觀眾比較平靜溫和,但在 mosh pit 的仍然盡可能帶動身邊更多的觀眾一同舞動身體。


Overall speaking, the night is musically competent and is almost Joey Shithead’s solo show. People are there for the king. Having said that, the band still show their seamless cooperation. After finishing Police Brutality, Joey’s guitar was down for some technical problems; instead of filling the gap with endless bass / drum jamming, drummer said “There’s nothing more punk than a 40-year old man rapping in a punk show!” which gain all the cheering with his awkwardly dancy rap session.

整體而言,全晚音樂上頗為緊湊,亦可以說幾乎是主將 Joey Shithead 的個展。當然,大部分場內的人也是為 hardcore punk 國王而來。儘管如此,樂隊還是展示了無間的合作。獻唱 Police Brutality 後,Joey 的結他因某些技術問題而要停止演奏。當時 D.O.A. 沒有嘗試用無盡的 低音結他和鼓擊來填充間隙,鼓手立即表示: “沒有什麼比40歲男人在punk rock 表演中作 rapping 更 punk rock!” 他那有趣即興的 rapping 立即獲得全埸歡呼。




Saying goodbye is hard, but we wish all the success to Joey’s pursuit in his political career and; wish more solid bands will come here to give this city a lesson on what PUNK really is.

說再見是很難的,但我們希望在 Joey 追求的政治生涯會有所成功;亦期望有更多真材實料的樂隊會來香港,給這個城市上一個 PUNK ROCK 課堂。

Dave Gregg R.I.P


現場相片 – D.O.A. – Live in Hong Kong