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Very often, when a band is labelled as “technical“, the first thing that immediately comes to my mind is – Would it be too serious? By serious I don’t mean musically-speaking. My concern is about the over-showcasing of techniques and the neglect of other elements that music counts. So, do these American extreme metallers from Origin being considered as “too-serious” men?

很多時候,當聽到一個樂隊波被標記為“技術型”的時候,小編腦海會立即浮現一個疑問:那會否是太認真了?先澄清一點,我所說的”認真” 並不是指音樂上;我所擔心的是他們會否為了過度展示技術而忽視其他音樂元素。那麼,這幾個從美國來的極端金屬樂隊 Origin 的樂手會否被歸類為“太認真”的人?

Photo Recap – Origin – Live in Hong Kong

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Origin, a Kansas-based Technical Death Metal band who are famous for their blasting drum beats, flashy fast-paced guitar / bass and the husky growling like the scream of a beast. Having a short chat with their new vocalist Jason Keyser (ex-Skinless) and guitar player Paul Ryan before the show, I can feel their easy-breeziness and confidence of nailing the show.

來自美國堪薩斯州的技術死亡金屬樂隊 Origin 以爆破鼓聲,快速、複雜但實而不華的結他和貝斯,以及像野獸般沙啞的咆哮主唱而聞名。演出前我們與新主唱 Jason Keyser(前 Skinless 成員)和結他手 Paul Ryan 聊天,小編能感覺到他們對當晚演出的輕鬆自在和信心。


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Instead of using “brutal“ to describe Origin’s overall performance, “infectious“ seems to be a more appropriate term. With the generally quiet and passive crowd most bands have in Hong Kong, Origin successfully turned half of the room into one frantic circle pit. Under their new frontman Keyser’s repeated encouragements, many have attempted to stage dive, though not all of them manage to reach the end of the crowd. One of the participant has shown exceptional stage-diving and crowd-surfing skill – the long-blonde rocker Jason Keyser. (Picture below) With Origin’s special request, our lovely Hong Kong crowd present a Wall of Death for violence and pleasure.

如果用 “殘酷” 來形容 Origin 的整體表現, “傳染性” 似乎是一個更合適的用詞。面對普遍比較安靜和被動的香港觀眾,Origin 成功把半個會埸的人推到瘋狂的 mosh pit 中。在他們的新主唱 Jason 一再鼓勵下,許多人試圖作 stage dive;雖然不是所有人都能 crowd surf 至人群最後方,但其中一個參與者卻表現特出 —- 那就是金長髮的主將 Jason Keyser (下圖)。在 Origin 的特別要求下,我們可愛的香港觀眾呈現充滿暴力和愉悅的 Wall of Death。



Back to what happens on stage; Paul Ryan’s complex and powerful technique shows he didn’t earn his name as  “Top 20 Death Metal Guitarist“ for nothing. Besides being a brilliant guitar player, Ryan is also responsible for deep growling vocal which, unfortunately, is difficult to hear that night. Bassists have always been overshadowed by frontman and guitarists, however that’s not the case for Origin’s Mike Flores who shines like a diamond with his fingerpicking and slapping style. Every hit is accurate and unbelievably sharp. By looking at John Longstreth’s drum kit and the 6 cymbals, you know he is not going to let his fellow bandmates taking all the attention (and smartphone photos too). He’s ready to deliver some of the quickest beats as the backbone for the brutalness.

回到舞台上發生的事情: Paul Ryan 複雜而有力的彈奏技術說明他被稱為 “Top 20 Death Metal Guitar Player” 並不是浪得虛名。除了作為一個高超的結他手,Ryan 還負責低沈的和唱,可惜當晚很難從音響聽到。貝斯手大多被樂隊主唱和結他手蓋過他們的貢獻,但 Origin 的  Mike Flores 在台上卻像鑽石般閃耀,他的指彈和拍打式風格令人佩服。每一擊都是準確的,有着令人難以置信的利落。通過看 John Longstreth 的鼓和上面的六個銅鈸,你就知道他不會讓隊員奪去所有的注意力 (和智能手機的閃光燈)。他亦已準備好提供急速的節拍,作為 Origin 狂暴音樂的骨幹。

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To answer the question at the beginning, it is a 50/50. Origin have always focused on building up complexity and layers to their works as a way to differentiate themselves from other bands, especially during live shows where real talents stay and losers go. And these headbangers certainly control it well so it’ ends up as one superb show rather than a Guitar Centre tutorial.

若要開始時的問題,答案會是 50/50。Origin 一向專注在他們的作品建立複雜性和層次,以此來從其他樂隊中脫穎而出。尤其是在現場演出中,只有真正有才華的人才能留下,輸家必須離去。而這些金屬朋友也調整得非常得當,因此整體是一個高超的表演,又不會像一個 Guitar Centre 的教學課程。


現場相片 – Origin – Live in Hong Kong