[Live Review + Photography] Bonaparte – Live in Hong Kong

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Bonaparte is mostly known as Napoleon’s famous last name, but tonight it represents another exceptional Great Man, Tobias Jundt, and his funky fellows. This is the 2nd time for this controversial Berlin-based electro-punk band to perform in Hong Kong in 5 months. Their quick comeback is probably due to the tremendous response from their last tour in China in 2013. For those who have caught their stunning performance at Clockenflap Festival last year (Bonaparte Clockenflap Photo Recap > http://on.fb.me/1geUUWB), you know they will bring you nothing close to an ordinary band show.

每當提到 Bonaparte ,很多人會立即聯想到拿破崙的姓氏,但今晚它將代表另一群與眾不同的人 —— 樂手Tobias Jundt 和他瘋狂的同伴。這晩將是這個以柏林為基地的電子朋克樂隊 Bonaparte五個月內在香港的第二次演出。他們在短時間內重臨香港很可能是由於他們在2013年的中國巡演引起巨大迥響之故。若你在上年香港 Clockenflap 音樂節中欣賞過他們令人讚歎的演出 (Bonaparte 照片回顧 > http://on.fb.me/1geUUWB),你會預料到這不會是一個普通的樂隊表演。

Photo Recap – Bonaparte – Live in Hong Kong

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But then it leaves a question to me — what else can a band bring in when their audience still have freshly fresh memory of their 5-star performance? Now I know they can, ‘cause they are here to choke you up by surprises.

然而,我心裏不禁疑問:在觀眾仍記憶猶新時,一個才剛剛完成了轟動演出的樂團還能帶來甚麼取悅大家? 當然,現在他們証明了這次的表現比上次有過之而無不及。你不用擔心 Bonaparte 會重複使用相同的表演方式,因為他們來這裡是為了用驚喜帶你去另一個境界。

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If you have watched Bonaparte’s interview, you’ll notice heir brainchild Tobias Jundt rarely uses “music” (musik) to describe his works. Very often, he prefers “art” (kunst) as a more appropriate word. It’s true that every Bonaparte show is like an experimental stage performance –  a carnival where everybody has fun with their straight-up lo-fi tunes, theatrical costumes, deadly-gorgeous Divas and the wildly, over-the-top sense of  humor.

如果你看過 Bonaparte 的訪問,你會發現 Tobias Jundt 很少使用“音樂” (music / musik) 來形容他的作品;相比之下他更喜歡用“藝術” (art / kunst) 去講解自己的工作。事實上,每個 Bonaparte 的演出就像一個實驗性的舞台表演,可以說是一個嘉年華似的聚會,那些爽朗直接的音樂、戲劇性的服飾、美麗得致命的女表演員 (Bonaparte 統稱她們為 Diva) 和不凡的幽默感都令每個人樂在其中。

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Unlike the big stage they had at Clockenflap, whereas could accommodate larger props, bulkier costumes and have wider space for movement to impress audience 20 meters away; here in this cozy club Hidden Agenda, Bonaparte are given a 8-meter wide stage for a flesh-to-flesh intimate gig. At this stop Tobias Jundt is joined by two touring members on keys and drums to throw you an avant-garde party with Bonaparte’s signature upbeat, light-hearted tunes. The rockers are dressed in thin denim outfits, though in different construction and shapes, they come in one cohesive image.

今次 Bonaparte 的表演因場地大小限制,不能容納上次的大型道具、服裝甚至舞台活動;但在這8米寬的小舞台上,他們和觀眾就能有人貼人的親密演出。在是次演出 Tobias Jundt 加入 了兩個巡迴成員,分別負責鍵琴和鼓擊;他們共同演奏出 Bonaparte 招牌式的輕鬆前衛 punk rock 曲調。Tobias 等分別穿著薄牛仔布裝束,儘管結構上有所不同,但也可以看出是統一的舞台形象設計。

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Through various sets of distinctive clothing and their outrageous dance moves, the Divas try to set up dialogues with the viewers. The downplay of Jundt’s stage uniform creates a great contrast with the exaggerated costumes of the Divas. Somehow, as what I perceived,  the passive/active, out-of-space/down-to-earth contradiction between the Bonaparte Musicians and their Divas has showcased a complex yet beautiful relationship between human beings with exotic intruders.

Diva 們嘗試通過獨特的服裝和舞蹈動作與觀眾對話。她們誇張的服飾與樂手淡化了的舞台制服編排型成了巨大的反差。這種 被動(Tobias與樂手) /主動(Divas) 和 實在(Tobias與樂手)/虛幻(Divas) 的矛盾展示了神祕國度中入侵者與人類之間的一種複雜而又美麗的關係。



Musically-speaking, Bonaparte have incorporated their catchy hits such as Too Much, Boycott Everything, Me So Selfie, new song Into The Wild and double encore featuring anthem Anti Anti into their colorful, highly-imaginative set. Delicate, chaotic elements are carefully-introduced into this creative performance to deliver the great unexpectation.

在 Bonaparte 這色彩豐富、帶來無窮想像力的表演中並沒有忽略音樂原素; setlist 中包括了其琅琅上口的歌曲,例如 Too Much、Boycott Everything、Me So Selfie 、新曲 Into The Wild 以及兩次 encore 中的 Anti Anti。 總括來說,整個表演非常細膩,Bonaparte 精心地引入混亂元素,是一個充滿創意和意料之外晚上 。


“Bonaparte is a bird”
This is how the group labelled themselves and indeed is quite a relevant metaphor – they pick up interesting insights from around the world and then split it out for your sensational pleasure through music, visuals and body language.

他們在網上用這個句子去形容自己。這個確實是很貼切的比喻 —— 他們吸收了來自大地角落的人與物,然後通過音樂、視覺效果和身體語言與世界各地的樂迷分享。

現場相片 – Bonparte – Live in Hong Kong