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We’re here trying to sum up the whole dramatic story which#AsILayDying frontman #TimLambesis and guitarist#NickHapa fire at each other over media platform.

You probably have read about Lambesis‘s 6-page long confession regarding his plot of attempt murder of his wife, his obsession of body-building, the excessive use of steroid leading to mental instability, the involvement of police undercover and the most shocking part to music fans, that his bandmates shut down all ways of communication for business reasons.

However, Nick Hipa released a statement for his side of the story. He made it very clear after attending the court trial, he’s extremely disappointed in Lambesis’s morality as business partner, friend and family. And that Tim Lambesis’s act is carefully planned with all the details the court exposed such as the use of his children as alibi for the murder and thus believes Tim’s previous interview is another disappointing fact that he refuses to take his own responsibility.

Despite both interviews are lengthy, we highly recommend you to go through the original content for your own opinion.
Tim Lambesis interview > http://bit.ly/1ghDP3y
Nick Hipa’s response > http://bit.ly/1p85qo2



總結一下 As I Lay Dying 主唱 Tim Lambesis 充滿戲劇性的意圍謀殺案,尤其與結他手Nick Hipa 在媒體平台上互相開火。

你可能已經讀過 Tim 在週未發佈、受審後的首個訪間 (整整六頁紙長),內容談到計劃謀殺妻子的動機,對健身及身形的痴迷,過度使用激素導致精神不穩,警方臥底介入,及最令樂迷震驚的 —- 其他樂隊成員因商業原因完全放棄他,關閉所有通信方式。

然而,Nick Hipa 今早發布了他的陳述。他說得很清楚,在出席法庭審判後,他無論作為工作夥伴、朋友或家人,對 Tim Lambesis 的道德都非常失望。他又認為 Tim 的罪行是經過精心策劃的,尤其當法庭暴露所有細節後,如他打算使用孩子作為謀殺的不在場證據,因此 Nick 相信 Tim 此次受訪是再次逃避責任,另一個令人失望的舉動,。

Tim Lambesis 訪談> http://bit.ly/1ghDP3y
Nick Hipa 回應> http://bit.ly/1p85qo2