[Live Review + Photography] God Is An Astronaut – Live in Hong Kong



Feeling high without getting high. For those who have attended God Is An Astronaut’s concert in Hong Kong last week must share the same feeling with us. In all these years, this writer has been let down for many post-rock concerts, in which many of them fail to deliver the sentimentality in live concerts as they intend to, thus making their music remaining on recording level. And I have to confess – before GIAA step onto the stage, my mind is wandering about this, too.

Feeling high without getting high。 對於參加了上週 God Is An Astronaut 香港演唱會的朋友們定必與我們有同樣的感覺。多年來筆者曾出席了不少後搖滾音樂會,其中看到很多樂團在現場演出時未能帶出樂曲中豐富的情感,使他們的音樂只能停留在錄音的層次。不得不承認,在GIAA走上舞台前,我的腦子裡不斷徘徊着這個擔憂。

Photo Recap – God Is An Astronaut  – Live in Hong Kong

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But that’s just bullshit. Musically speaking, what I enjoy God Is An Astronaut the most is their space rock element. These Irish rockers always have their magical way to sprinkle colors and vibes onto the peacefully-curated melody which successfully bring out the elevated freshness.

但是,這都是廢話!從音樂上來說,我喜歡 God Is An Astronaut 的太空搖滾元素。這愛爾蘭搖滾樂隊總有不可思議的方式在安寧平和的旋律上灑上顏色和韻動,襯托出昇華的清新感。



During live concert where the sound is generally intensified and amplified, such delicate tunes could easily be destroyed and fall into hollowness; however, GIAA turn it as an advantage to maximize the audited spaciousness. Torsten Kinsella tell the crowd one of their favorite song in the set is Forever Lost.  Try to use your imagination here – if the studio version of this song was talking about losing direction in the endless sky full of stars, then it would be narrating the journey of floating in the eternality of milky way when you hear it live.

在現場演唱中聲音準是被強化和放大的,這很容易被破壞像後搖滾那種細膩的曲調,繼而陷入虛無;但是GIAA卻把它視為一種優勢,把其音樂中的空間感放大。Torsten Kinsella 告訴觀眾在setlist中最喜愛的歌曲是 Forever Lost。試試運用你的想像力如果這首歌的錄音室版本是講述在繁星滿佈的無盡天際中失去方向,那麼你聽到的現場演奏就是敘述中在銀河中的永恆旅程。

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The heavier mix does give another dimension of richness to God Is An Astronaut’s music, even their stage presentation. Jamie Dean, who seem to be the most proactive band member, has stolen a lot of attention with his wild acts, including multiple times of leaving the stage to interact with their fans and eventually jumps into the crowd, or should I say “onto the ground”, since he asked the crowd to separate to the sides beforehand. The band also perform an untitled new track and ask if the attendants can come up with any names for it.

較重的混音確實為 God Is An Astronaut 的音樂帶來了另一個層面,包括他們的舞台演示。似乎是最活躍的樂隊成員 Jamie Dean 因他的瘋狂行徑而獲得大量注意,包括多次離開舞台跟樂迷互動,最終甚至跳進人群,或者我應該說 跳到地上,因為他事先要求觀眾向兩側分開,好讓他有空間降落。樂隊也表演了一首未命名的新曲,並詢問在埸樂迷有否想出任何合適的名稱。

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Despite of all the surprises, we do get disappointed by not having their signature gorgeous video projection as backdrop. GIAA always said these moving images are part of the core of their music so to put out a “full audio visual show”. Hope Route 666 is just a temporary goodbye from God Is An Astronaut; surely Hong Kong is waiting for their comeback already.

儘管這個演出充滿驚喜,我們仍為 GIAA 沒有用到他們自己製作的投影視頻作背景而失望。他們曾表示這些圖像也是他們音樂的核心,要終合起來才能制作一個 全面的視聽表演。希望 Route 666 這曲只是 God Is An Astronaut 的一個暫別;可以肯定的是香港樂迷已在等待他們的再次來臨。


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