[Live Review + Photography] Imagine Dragons – Live at “Transformers 4” World Premiere Hong Kong




While most of the attention has fallen on Mark Wahlberg and the 10ft tall Optimus stood next to our world famous Victoria Harbor at the Transformers 4 World Premiere, we music lovers of course will have all our focus on the Vegas rockers Imagine Dragons, who will have a mini-concert after the premiere.

雖然在香港舉行的變形金剛4世界首映中,大多數的注意力都落在 Mark Walberg 和站在維多利亞港旁的10尺高 Optimus 上,但對於我們音樂愛好者來說,我們當然的把重點放在拉斯維加斯搖滾樂團 Imagine Dragons 首映後的小型音樂會。

Photo Recap – Imagine Dragons – Live at “Transformers 4” World Premiere  Hong Kong



The event was held on the rooftop of Harbor City overlooking the gorgeous skyline of Hong Kong, which is captured in the Transformers 4 movie too. The 1000+ tickets are not for sale to public. Fans can only get the passes from lucky draws and other events from various outlets. With the door opens at 7:30pm, many people have queued up as early as 10am. However, the wait is not over. The band come out at 10:15pm which was originally scheduled at 9pm. What a common Hollywood practice!

該活動於 Harbor City 天台舉行,可俯瞰香港知名的夜景,你也能在變形金剛4電影中看到這壯麗景色。 一千多張的門票全不公開發售,樂迷們只能從各機構的幸運抽獎等活動拿到通行證。大門在下午7:30打開前,巳有大量觀眾排隊,有部份更早在上午10時開始等候。然而,等待還沒有結束,原定於9時開始的表演推遲到10:15 多才揭開序幕。非常荷李活的作風啊!



Chaos also happens when local medias, including the major ones in Hong Kong,  are kicked out from the press zone. Eventually the furious situation is resolved and reporters can be back to their stations with limitation imposed.


Regarding the performance, Imagine Dragons have performed 7 songs with massive hits like Demon, Radioactive, It’s Time and wrapped up the set with Transformers 4 theme song Battle Cry. 

回到 Imagine Dragons 的演出,全個表演共有7首歌曲,當然包括全球熱播的 Demon、Radioactive 、This Is Time,最後以變形金剛4主題曲 Battle Cry 作結。

I8 I6 I7

Thanks to Imagine Dragons’  signature splendid drum set arrangement, the almost exaggerated stage expression and the equilibrium light / smoke mix, their live performance quickly gains critical acclaims worldwide. And this show in Hong Kong, with the addition of an extended stage, a 30ft screen backdrop, fire effects and fireworks, the combination of all makes Imagine Dragons more entertaining to see.

全賴 Imagine Dragons 的招牌式壯觀鼓組排列、近乎誇張的舞台動作和恰到好處的燈光/煙霧配置,他們的現場演出很快獲得世界各地好評如潮。而他們這個配合首映的迷你音樂會,更加入一個延伸舞台、30尺高的屏幕背景、熾熱的火焰效果和燦爛的煙花,所有元素配合起來使 Imagine Dragons 更具娛樂性,更具感染力。


1. Tiptoe
2. Hear Me
3. It’s Time
4. Demons
5. On Top of the WOrld
6. Radioactive
7. Battle Cry


When talking to the boys after their red carpet photo-shoot about if they will come to Hong Kong for a full-length concert, they express their excitement of coming to our town for the first time and give us promise that it is “definitely not the last time !”

在拍攝紅地毯照片後跟他們談到會否來港作一次正式演唱會,Imagien Dragons 表達首次來到香港的興奮之情並承諾這 “絕對不最後一次“!

Well Hong Kong (and the world), get ready for the rise of the new entertainment kings.

香港(和世界)的樂迷們,無論你是否喜歡 Imagine Dragons,準備好看着這隊新的 entertainment kings 崛起吧。

現場照片 – Imagine Dragons – Live at “Transformers 4” World Premiere  Hong Kong