[Features] Who The Hell Is Iceman Thesis?


Alternative Press received this note and a CD-ROM from Iceman Thesis

If you have followed our Facebook page, you may remember our news about Iceman Thesis, who performed at Download Festival on two stages without anybody knowing who they were, leaving the biggest unsolved mystery in a while.
People who saw their performance yesterday use “brutal” and “heavy” to describe them. Some suspect they are a supergroup by famous rockstars; many’s wild guess, including us at the time, would be This Is Menace.
While everybody is still guessing who they are, the masked rockers released a video statement during the weekend accompanied with a full length music video. And they are calling it quit. They claim they are here to prove “only music matters“ and people are wasting too much time on social media. The whole recording is in he theme of terrorism which synchronizes their anonymous identity and the idea of “warning to the lost society”.
No matter what their true intention is, no doubt this is a successful marketing strategy; and still we’re making our final guess here… It’s highly possible that the main man behind is Matt Sharland of Idiom. What do you think?
Alternative Press received this note and a CD-ROM from Iceman Thesis
如果您有關注我們的Facebook專頁,您可能還記得有關Iceman Thesis 的新聞。這個身分未明的樂團在Download Festival兩個 stage 出現,卻沒有人知道麻包袋背後的神祕面紗,這已成為近來搖滾界最大的謎團。
在Download Festival看過Iceman Thesis表演的​​人用 “brutal” 和 “heavy” 來形容這個樂團。有人懷疑他們是一個由著名搖滾樂手組成的超級團體; 許多樂迷 (包括我們) 的大膽估計這是與 This Is Menace 有關連的。
正當眾人還在猜測他們究竟是何方神聖的時候,這幾個蒙面搖滾樂手於週末發佈了一段視頻聲明,其中包括一個完整的音樂錄影。內容竟提到Iceman Thesis正式結束! 他們聲稱整個計劃只為了證明 “Only music matters (在音樂世界裏)只有音樂是重要的”,人們浪費了太多時間在社交媒體或周邊無關重要的新聞上。整個錄影過程以像恐怖分子總部的擺設作背景,那與他們的匿名身份和嘗試 “警告迷失社會中的樂迷”的理念緊扣著。
不管那是否他們真正的意圖,毫無疑問,這是一個很成功的營銷策略;在此我們對於這個計劃的策劃者作最終猜測…… 在各方面看來,很有可能是 Matt Sharland of Idiom。你的猜測又是何人?