[News + Random] One Year And Counting… Thank You Rockers!

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One year and counting… Thank you rockers!

1 year ago, Dinosaur Journal was just a simplistic idea to gather all the rock music writings we wrote on a platform for our own pleasure. A month later, 19 August, we covered our first show in Hong Kong with All Time Low and were totally blown away by the passion of the local crowd! All the beautiful faces and shining smiles!

Since then, we try our best to bring you detailed written reviews and high quality photos of all the brilliant shows in town, so even for those who missed it can still get to know these talented bands. So far we have participated in almost 50 concerts locally with 100+ bands including our overseas coverage. In the past 12 months, we try to reach out to HK’s audience as much as possible – from random sharing to daily updates and English writings to bilingual reviews.

To maintain our independent status as a non-profit media, we have never tied to anything related to money. That’s another reason why we’re thrilled to be able to survive for a year and to have our followers built up from zero to 800+.

This is a tremendous encouragement especially in a city where rock music is still labelled as outrageous and rock lover is seen a riot. But… who’d give a shit?!

Once again, we appreciate your support and will keep working with our passion and obsession for music. We believe that’s also why you pay to see a band or even start a band, too.

Below are a few pieces we really like for a flashback. Feel free to drop us a line if you are curious or what we’re doing. Love you all, onwards and upwards \m/

[Exclusive Interview] The Devil Wears Prada – Our Darkness, Creativity and Spirituality 

[Exclusive Interview] Phoenix – Crowd-surfing, Tips on Touring and the Number of 10

[Live Review + Photography] Clockenflap Festival Hong Kong

[Live Review + Photography] Bullet For My Valentine – Live in Hong Kong

[Live Review + Photography] Children of Bodom – Live in Hong Kong

[Live Review + Photography] Imagine Dragons – Live at “Transformers 4” World Premiere Hong Kong



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不知不覺已經一年了… Thank you rockers!

1年前,Dinosaur Journal 只是很隨意的想法,一切源於我們的小編們想把自己撰寫的搖滾音樂文章集中在一個平台。個多月後,我們首次以 DJ 名義報導香港的 live show ,那就是8月19日舉行的 All Time Low 演唱會。仍然記得那熱情觀眾,所有的美麗面孔和燦爛的笑容!


到目前為止,我們已經參加了近50場在港演唱會、與百多個樂團在國內外穿梭。在這一年,DJ 各人盡力去改善以接觸到更多香港的讀者 — 從不定時加入內容到每日更新、從英文寫作到雙語評論。

作為一個非營利媒體獨立,我們堅持不作任何有關金錢的評論報導。這也是小編很高興 Dinosaur Journal 竟能生存一年、追隨者由零增長到800的另一原因。

這無疑是一個巨大的鼓舞,尤其在一個搖滾仍被標籤成暴力音樂、搖滾愛好者只是一個激進分子的城市裡。但是…… Who gives a shit?!


下面連結可回顧其中幾篇 Dinosaur Journal 文章。如果你有什麼意見,隨時給我們 message 或 email 吧! Love you all \m/

[獨家訪問] The Devil Wears Prada – 我們的黑暗、創意和靈性 

[獨家訪問] Phoenix – Crowd-surfing, 巡演秘訣和數字 “10”

[現場評論和照片] 香港 Clockenflap 音樂節

[現場評論和照片] Bullet For My Valentine 香港演出

[現場評論和照片] Children of Bodom 香港演出

[現場評論和照片] Imagine Dragon<<變型金剛 4>> 香港全球首映音樂會