[News + Random] This Week The Trend (5 Jul – 12 Jul)

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[NEW VIDEO] Avenged Sevenfold – This Means War

Avenged Sevenfold debut music video “This Means War” off their latest album “Hail To The King.” 

Avenged Sevenfold 發佈最新專輯“Hail To The King”中的 “This Means War” 音樂錄影。

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Screen shot 2014-07-13 at 2.31.15 AM

[CONCERT LIVE UPDATE] Story of the Year – Live in Hong Kong

Selfie, close-up and setlist > http://on.fb.me/1zwydJ6

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[FULL CONCERT RECAP] Story of the Year – Live in Hong Kong

Live Review > http://wp.me/p3toci-nY
Photography > http://on.fb.me/1mNDojX

… All the light are turned on as Dan Marsala and Ryan Phillips come down, lean on the barricade and ask the frantic front crowd to sit on the floor. This attracts countless smartphones held high aiming for a selfie like a a group of bees flying towards a jar of golden honey. The light is dimmed again with a huge stage light back lit the boys and that leaves only the silhouettes are seen in front of the sunset-like wash. The first verse of “Sidewalk” is gently sweep in acoustic manner and then Dan Marsala gradually lead the crowd to stand up. This song is presented in an unbelievably poetic way which multiply across the theater-size venue. This creative twist of turning the usual arrangement of a total dark environment and a sea of lighters into a dynamic theatric setting is certainly more infectious, memorable and successful…

…… 場地燈光隨著Dan和Ryan步下台前調暗,他們倚著欄杆,指示瘋狂的人群坐在地板上。此舉吸引了無數的智能手機,對準他們齊齊自拍!就像蜜蜂飛向金黃色的蜜糖般失控。 一個巨大的舞台燈光在他們的後方亮起,背光關係使觀眾只能看見這兩個男孩的輪廓,看似被夕陽洗禮一樣。 “Sidewalk” 的第一節在Ryan以acoustic方式輕輕掃出來,然後Dan唱到副歌時逐步帶領群眾站起來。這首歌,尤其在劇場大小的場地,呈現令人難以忘懷的詩意。這種創造性的扭曲將往常總以黑暗環境和火機光海的安排提升至更有感染力和深刻。

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[GIG NEWS UPDATE] Heart-town Festival Hong Kong Station 山海屯音樂節香港站

Daily lineups are listed below. Ready for a hard rock summer!

8 Aug
Finch / Chock Ma 戳麻 / Supper Moment / (more)

9 Aug
ARCHITECTS / While She Sleeps / KOLOR / 逆流 NiLiu / Shepherds The Weak / 鐵樹蘭 / Underklot

10 Aug
Born of Osiris / ISSUES / 瓊枝 King Zhi/ The Majestic G 麟角樂團 / Mensheng 門生 / 及時雨 RAIN IN TIME / Tonick

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[NEWS] Headbang Hurts?

“Repeated aggressive movement of the head can lead to damage being caused to the brain as it moves inside the skull, but it’s fair to say this is a very unusual case…” Metal and rock fans are being warned about the dangers of headbanging after a 50-year-old man developed a blood clot on the brain during a Motorhead concert.

“頭部的高速反覆移動可導致大腦在頭骨內因沖擊而造成損壞,但老實說這是一個不尋常的情況…… “ 專家提醒金屬和搖滾樂迷 headbang 的危險性。一個50歲的男子在Motorhead演唱會瘋狂 headbang 後發現大腦有血塊。

Full article please click here.

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[NEW ALBUM] Suicide Silence – You Can’t Stop Me album free streaming

 You can now stream Suicide Silence’s new album featuring their new vocalist Eddie Hermida, in full in the link here (it’s free!)

Suicide Silence 免費全碟試聽,這也是首張由新主唱 Eddie Hermida 負責的專輯。

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P1080233 copy

[THROWBACK THURSDAY] The Faceless – Live in Hoong Kong

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[NEWS] OC Weekly 挑選 10張死前必聽的 Death Metal 專輯

1.Cannibal Corpse-The Bleeding (1994)
2.Morbid Angel-Covenant (1993) 
3.DEATH-Individual Thought Patterns (1993)
4.Deicide-Once Upon The Cross (1995)
5.Suffocation-Effigy of the Forgotten (1991)
6.Carcass-Heartwork (1993)
7.Obituary-Slowly We Rot (1989)
8. Cryptopsy- None So Vile (1996)
9. Nile-Annihilation of the Wicked (2005)
10. At the Gates-Slaughter of the Soul (1995)

(Full article here > http://bit.ly/1s1joMy)

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[GIG REMINDER] Vader – Hidden Agenda – Sunday 

Date : 13st July 2014
Time : 8:00PM
Line Up : Vader(Poland) Evocation (HK) Inncercore (HK)
Venue: Hidden Agenda
Ticket : $240(Advance) $280(Door) $150(Student)
*HALF PRICE walk-in discount for full-time local students

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[NEWS] Tommy Ramone Dies At 62

Waking up and receive such utterly painful news. Thanks for all the inspiration. Tommy Ramone R.I.P. (picture taken at #CBGB NYC) Tommy Ramone, the last surviving original member of the Ramones, has died age 62. Tommy was the drummer for the punk group on their first three albums; “Ramones” (1976), “Leave Home” (1977), and “Rocket to Russia” (1977). The Ramones are one of the most influential punk bands of the day. Tommy was playing at the infamous CBGB club in the Bowery area of New York, and touring each album incessantly.

起床張開眼就收到這個無比傷痛的消息。Tommy Ramone,感謝你給我們所有的靈感。R.I.P. (圖片在紐約CBGB拍攝) Tommy Ramone 是最後一個 Ramones 在世的成員,今早去世的Tommy終年62歲,是朋克樂隊 Ramones 三張專輯的鼓手。Ramones 是世上其中最有影響力的朋克樂隊之一,當年在紐約 Bowery 區著名的CBGB俱樂部演出成名。