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Vader started out as a heavy / trash metal band in Poland in the early 80s and gradually switched their focus to death metal. Setting out as a pioneer in the Polish extreme metal scene, Vader quickly became a notable group in the early death metal scene.

波蘭樂團 Vader 初期以 heavy metal 和 trash metal 為音樂主體,在80年代逐步轉移至 death metal。身為波蘭極端金屬界先驅,Vader 成為 death metal 文化的重要人物。

Photo Recap – Vader  – Live in Hong Kong

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As a huge fan of Josh Homme (currently Queens of the Stone Age), his band Eagles of Death Metal introduced Vader to me. I was so curious about how ground-breaking this band was that even one of the best alternative rocker has to refer them as the  “death metal eagles.”

身為 Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age 主將) 的追隨者,他的另一樂團 Eagles of the Death Metal 讓我認識 Vader。當時我很好奇究竟這極端樂團有什麼過人之處,為何當今其中一個最頂尖的alternative rock 樂手也會稱他們為 「死亡金屬老鷹」。



After a series of lineup change, frontman Peter Wiwczarek remains as the only original member in the band. This time for their tour in Hong Kong, he brings Spider on guitar, Hal on bass and James behind the prominent drum kit along with him.

經過多次的陣容變化,主將Peter Wiwczarek 是隊中唯一不變的成員。這次在香港的巡演,Peter 帶來了結他手 Spider、低音結他手 Hal 以及出色鼓手 James。


The show kicks off at 10:45 officially when Peter and co. step out in classic metal-esque outfits – studs, chains and leather boots – in the wave of the full-house crowd. As part of Vader’s promotional tour for their new album Tibi et Igni, they have slotted in a number of new songs including “Where Angels Weep” and “Triumph of Death.”

演唱會在十時四十五分揭開序幕;Peter 和隊友穿著窩釘服飾、扣上鐵鏈、厚底皮靴的經典金屬形象在全場人群歡呼聲下踏上台板。由於是次是 Vader 宣傳新專輯 Tibi et Igni 的巡迴,他們特意表演了一些新曲,包括 Where Angels Weep 和 Triumph of Death等。


Peter’s vocal is more husky in live than in his old recordings yet still sounds like a killer. Within expectation, the rundown is undoubtedly smooth with their 30 years live experience. With all the notes already deeply carved into their fingertips, Vader manage to interact with their fans more than other bands normally do. A young man brings along a Polish national flag to celebrate this classic death metal party.

雖然 Peter 的現場的聲音比錄音專輯沙啞,但聽起來仍然氣勢萬分。就如預料之內,有近三十年現場經驗的 Vader 帶來的演出是無比流暢的。他們的熟練程度就像每個音符經已深深地刻進他們的指尖,使他們比其他樂隊更能分心與樂迷互動。其中一個年輕觀眾帶來了波蘭國旗,以慶祝這個經典死亡派對。


Generally-speaking the live mix sounds more brutal than their studio works with the blasting drums and heavy bass-line straightly layered onto their machine gun guitars. Vader effortlessly set the crowd on fire with their technically refined tracks such as “God Is Dead” and “Come and See My Sacrifice.

總括來說,現場爆破的鼓擊加上沉重低音和機關槍般的結他使混音聽起來比錄音室作品更殘酷。憑著技術精製的曲目如 God Is Dead Come 和 See My Sacrifice,Vader 毫不費力地把觀眾的靈魂燃燒起來。


Even though there is sweat-soaked circle pit continuing throughout the show, it is relatively mild and self-controlled until Vader put out “This Is The War” and Slayer cover encore “Raining Blood” in the end and everyone let loose of themselves.

即使汗水浸透的 circle pit 持續貫穿整個演出,但這次的樂迷相對較溫和和自我刻制。直到演出接近尾聲Vader 奏出 This Is The War 和 encore重玩 Slayer 名曲 Raining Blood,所有人都全情投入headbang去。


Comparatively, the opening band Evocation has heated up the crowd as much as our headliner has. From our perspective, these two bands are both pleasure to see and joyful to hear; however with the fact that Evocation present themselves as our local extreme metal heroes, they definitely have the privilege of winning the young hearts easily.

相比之下,暖場樂團Evocation招魂與 Vader 的受歡迎程度不相百仲。從我們的角度來看,這兩個樂團的演出均是叫人拍案叫絕。事實上作為我們本地的極端金屬英雄,招魂已經贏得年輕人心中的祟拜。



Attending a concert of one classic act is always like taking the time machine travelling back to the heydays when music was original and full of raw power. It’s a precious chance for those who were not from the old generation to experience the greatness of classics and appreciate the pioneers who inspired the bands we listen to now.

Explore the newcomers, respect the veterans.




現場相片 – Vader  – Live in Hong Kong