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[LIVE UPDATE] Vader – Live in Kong Kong



[CONCERT RECAP] Vader – Live in Hong Kong


[Photo Album – Vader  – Live in Hong Kong]

[Live Review + Photography] Vader – Live in Hong Kong

… Peter’s vocal is more husky than than his old recordings yet still sounds like a killer. Within expectation, the rundown is undoubtedly smooth with their 30 years live experience. With all the notes already deeply carved into their fingertips, #Vader manage to interact with their fans more than other bands normally do. A young man brings along a Polish national flag to celebrate this classic death metal party…

…… 雖然 Peter 的現場的聲音比錄音專輯沙啞,但聽起來仍然氣勢萬分。就如預料之內,有近三十年現場經驗的 Vader 帶來的演出是無比流暢的。他們的熟練程度就像每個音符經已深深地刻進他們的指尖,使他們比其他樂隊更能分心與樂迷互動。其中一個年輕觀眾帶來了波蘭國旗,以慶祝這個經典死亡派對……


[FASHION MUSIC NEWS] Black Sabbath X Converse


Black Sabbath and Converse are set to release a BS series sneakers.

Black Sabbath 與 Converse 聯手合作,推出新一系列以BS為題的波鞋。
1. Master of Reality
2. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
3. Never Say Die
4. Live capture of BS concert



[NEWS] Havok Signed to Century Media Records

Thrash Metal band Havok are signed to Century Media. The group has been touring non-stop since last year including America, Canada, Asia, Iceland and are currently in Russia. You can check out our recap while they stopped by Hong Kong early this year. 

曾來港演出的 Havok 宣布成為大金屬廠牌 Century Media 旗下藝人。自去年以來,他們一直馬不停蹄作巡演,除目前身處的俄羅斯外,還包括美國、加拿大、亞洲、冰島等地區。你可在下面回顧一下我們對 Havok 年初在香港演出的評論。

[Live Review + Photography] Havok- Live in Hong Kong

[Photo Album] Havok – Live in Hong Kong



[NEW ALBUM] The Black Market – Rise Against

Chicago-based hardcore political punk band Rise Against’s new album The Black Market is out today. You can watch the Behind The Scene below.

芝加哥 hardcore / political punk樂隊 Rise Against今天推出新專輯 The Black Market。您可以在下面觀看幕後花絮。



[NEW MUSIC] What a gothic storm! Black Blizzard by Die So Fluid

Los Angeles / London based gothic rock band Die So Fluid have released the official music video for their track “Black Blizzard” 

Die So Fluid are the modern incarnation of a ‘power trio’ of mixing metal and post-punk through their vampiric desert torch song. The band explained “Black Blizzard was inspired by the Dust Bowl tragedy of the 1930s. It’s referred to as a natural disaster but it was caused by man. Nature is wild and untamable, and my character in the video is the storm personified-bringing wrath after she has been abused and disrespected.”

洛杉磯/倫敦哥特搖滾樂隊 Die So Fluid 剛發布了 Black Blizzard 的官方音樂視頻。

Die So Fluid 的音樂風格混合了金屬、後朋克和吸血鬼題材的黑暗。他們講解 Black Blizzar 背後的故事:「歌曲靈感來自於20世紀30年代的 Dust Bowl 沙塵暴悲劇。雖然它被稱為自然災害,但事實上是人為造成的。大自然是如此野性和不容馴服的;而我在視頻的角色是將暴風雨人格化,把她遭恣意踐踏和侮辱後的憤怒表現出來。」



[NEWS] Slipknot Hinting New Materials

Slipknot released teaser hinting new materials. The band will be headlining their very own KNOTFEST in october.

Slipknot 發佈短片暗示將有新作推出。樂團將在十月為他們舉辦的 KNOTFEST 音樂節作壓軸演出。



[SAD NEWS] Guitar Legend Johnny Winter Dies At 70

We received news about the death of guitar legend Johnny Winter at 70.

“… Johnny Winter has produced and played on some of the most exciting blues and rock recordings in the history of both genres. His absolute command of traditional music has earned him the respect of serious musicologists, while his tremendous agility, wicked speed and full-tilt aggression on the electric guitar and acoustic bottleneck has won over several generations of younger rock players looking to cop some the fastest and hottest licks ever committed to tape.” You can read more at Blabbermouth.

突然收到傳奇結他手 Johnny Winter 逝世的消息,享年70歲。 Johnny 曾監制及參與不少精彩的藍調和搖滾唱片。他在傳統音樂上的絕對準繩使他贏得嚴肅認真音樂家的美譽。而他的在電結他和不插電結他的靈活性、速度和氣勢備受幾代年輕搖滾樂手專崇,並以 Johnny最快、最熱熾的技術為目標。 你可在此閱讀Blabbermouth全文 。



[THRASHBACK THURSDAY] Master of Puppets – Metallica

For any metal fans, you have probably listened to Master of Puppets for hundreds of times. MOP is the 3rd studio album by #Metallica released on February 24, 1986.

對於任何金屬樂迷,你可能已經聽過 Master of Puppet 數百次。MOP於1986年2月24日發行,是thrash metal 表表者 Metallica 的第三張錄音室專輯,曲目如下。

1. Battery
2. Master of Puppets
3. The Thing That Should Not Be
4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
5. Disposable Heroes
6. Leper Messiah
7. Orion
8. Damage, Inc.

Master of Puppets Live ’86



[GIG REMINDER] Orpheus Omega ✭ 19 July (Sat)

Plan for the weekend? Come and check out this relatively new melodic death metal band Orpheus Omega from Australia. They have supported giants from the same genre including Dark Tranquillity and Children of Bodom. Coincidentally both two bands have just performed in Hong Kong this year.

週末有什麼活動?明晚這個相對較新的澳洲旋律死亡金屬樂隊 Orpheus Omega 將來港演出。他們曾作來自同一流派的巨頭樂團,包括 Dark Tranquillity 和 Children Of Bodom 的暖埸嘉賓。巧合地這兩個樂團今年均曾來港表演。

DATE : 19 July 2014
TIME : 8:00PM
ADDRESS : 香港觀塘鴻圖道40號豐明大廈8樓C室
LINE UP : Orpheus Omega / Synergy
*$90 walk-in for full-time local students




[PRESS]  Some LOVE from Story of the Year Twitter 

Thanks Story Of The Year frontman Dan Marsala for sharing our live update on Twitter. You can check out our full recap below.

謝謝 Story of the Year 主將 Dan Marsala 在 Twitter 分享我們的現場報導。你可以在下面連結閱讀我們當晚的相片和評論。

[Live Review + Photography] Story of the Year – Live in Hong Kong

[Photo Album] Story of the Year – Live in Hong Kong



[NEWS] Trivium – Through Blood And Dirt And Bone

Florida-based heavy metal group Trivium released new video for “Through Blood And Dirt And Bone” from their latest album “Vengeance Falls.” The video features footage from their Download Festival performance.

佛羅里達州重金屬樂團 Trivium 發布最新專輯 Vengeance Falls 中的新視頻 Through Blood And Dirt And Bone。片段可看到他們在 Download Festival 中的表演。


[LIVE UPDATE] Orpheus Omega

Orpheus Omega are filming this show for their DVD! Feel the fire on stage?