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Watching new bands is like going for a treasure hunt, you never know what you’ll get. But there’s one thing for sure, you’ll always end up with an unpredictable adventure and leave the room with refreshment. On 19 July, Nowed Music Records brings us Orpheus Omega, a relatively new band from Australia dedicated to melodic death metal music.
看新樂隊演出就像尋寶遊戲般,你永遠不知道會得到什麼。但有一點是可以肯定的,你永遠都經歷意料之外的冒險,帶著煥然一新的感覺。 今次戰憟音樂於7月19日晚給我們帶來澳洲一個相對較新的旋律死亡金屬樂隊 Orpheus Omega

Photo Recap – Orpheus Omega – Archways Across Live in Hong Kong



Early this year, the band have opened for titans from the same genre such as Dark Tranquillity and Children of Bodom. They received generally favorable reviews from critics with their immersive live performance. As the second stop of their Archways Across Asia Tour, the gig is held at a tiny venue located at the rooftop of a industrial building which can probably fits a hundred audience only. The authentic setting evokes my memory of the D.I.Y. local gigs at the basement in the suburb neighborhood. There is a sense of affinity and warmth within.

今年年初,樂隊被同一流派的巨頭 Dark TranquillityChildren of Bodom 選作暖場嘉賓。他們熾熱的現場表演得到不少正面評價。作為他們 Archways Across 亞洲巡演的第二站,Orpheus Omega 的香港站選擇在一個較小的場地舉行。會場位處於一個工業大廈頂樓,大概只能容納百多名觀眾。充滿本土文化氣息的設置喚起小編當年出席在近郊地區住宅地下室那些 D.I.Y. 演出的記憶,濔漫著親切而溫暖的感覺。



Orpheus Omega are filming this Asian Tour for their Pozible-funded campaign, which they successfully raise the amount to what they have set. It looks like metal fans are yearning to seal the Orpheus’ energy into the disc and experience it whenever they need some sort of musical adrenaline.

Orpheus Omega 將這個亞洲巡演收錄在他們在 Pozible 集資製作的DVD 中,他們更成功籌得比預期高的金額。看來金屬樂迷都希望把Orpheus 的現場力量密封到光碟裏,作為他們的音樂腎上腺素。



With such a small stage and low ceiling, it’s undeniably difficult for any bands with vigorous movements to perform. We got to give respect to the Orpheus guys for still managing to bounce around and even attempt for a few jumps. Despite the 60-minute set is short, there is not a single moment of boredom but impressively filled with brutalness and blood-chilling darkness.

無可否認這個小舞台和矮天花板對於任何有劇烈演出動作的樂隊都會造成困難,因此小編不得不敬佩Orpheus 幾個樂手仍然設法在台上互動,更嘗試作跳躍加強感染力。儘管演出只有短暫的60多分鐘,但中間全無冷場,只有令人深刻的殘暴和冷冽的黑暗。



The way they put out the show reminds me of Dark Tranquillity who they toured with this year, though Orpheus have incorporated more physical movement and less of the European vampire elements into their package. Keswick Gallagher is extremely active with his swinging keyboard; while Dan Ralph on bass, who looks a bit like ex-Misfits’ Michale Graves, is giving out intensifying support for the searing guitar overlay from Joao Goncalves and Chris Themelco. I especially appreciate the evenly-shared back-up vocals from all of the members echoing Chris’ growling like a violent musical dialogue.

Orpheus Omega 讓我想起與他們一同作巡迴演出的 Dark Tranquillity,然而他們除卻了那種歐洲吸血鬼元素,但添加了在台上的活力。Keswick Gallagher 整晚擺動著他的鍵盤,非常活躍;而長相有點像前度 Misfits 主唱 Michale Graves 的 Dan Ralph 帶出強勁的 bassline,與 Joao Goncalves 和 Chris Themelco 灼熱的結他互相重疊。小編特別欣賞所有成員平均地作 back up vocal 與 Chris 的殘聲共鳴,尤如一段暴力的金屬音樂對話。



For anyone attended the show, I bet you can easily picture the group to occupy a theater-size stage. Without a doubt, these five young men definitely have the potential to step up and make a mark in the modern metal industry with their confidence and power-filled live demonstration.

對於任何出席今次表演的觀眾,你一定可以想像到 Orpheus Omega 在大舞台上演出的情况。毫無疑問,以他們現場演示的信心和力量,這五個年輕樂手絕對有潛質在現代金屬界寫下他們的一頁。

現場相片 – Orpheus Omega – Archways Across Live in Hong Kong

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