[Features] Morning Call 輕晨電 – Your Velvet Daydream


When we received the promotional package from Band Society of City University of Hong Kong, we thought Morning Call was the kind of post-rock band who aims to twist brightness into creepy darkness like Sparklehorse. But well, never judge a book by its cover. We’re devastatingly wrong about this dream-pop fused post-rock group from Taiwan. Their signature sound pictures the blurriness between the intangible day-dream and the solid touch of emotion. The minimalistic arrangement and mellow harmony can easily catch any pop music lovers’ breaths.

The longer you listen to Morning Call, the lighter you’d feel your body becomes. It gently lifts up your soul and cleanses your heavy heart. The lightness they create is almost like a floating velvet — with simple notes like soft edges and deep philosophies like the complex structure.

Morning Call’s music seems to be road trip’s best companion; where you drive through the hillside of Okinawa and overlook the endless horizon or ride your bike along the green lawn of Tai Tung, try to embrace the sun and smell the breeze. The pure instrumental section becomes the mist of the morning commute; with the sharp electronic guitar strikes in like a stroke of sunlight to clear up the sky of your day.

Asian post-rock always shows differentiation from the European / American ones in the same genre. There’s always an emphasis on pop elements. You can see it as a pop version of rock or a rock version of pop depending where the equilibrium lies in each song. However, most bands will condense their music into a solidified version during live performance which completely deviates from the ambient of the original studio recording.

For post-rock / pop-rock fans, you can catch Morning Call in Hong Kong on 26 July at HangOut. Get ready for a nocturnal outreach into the imaginary land in our concrete jungle!

當我們收到城市大學 Band Society 關於輕晨電 (Morning Call)的邀請時,我們以為樂隊是那種像Sparklehorse般,喜愛把光明扭曲成詭異的黑暗後搖滾樂隊。但是「人不可以貌相」,我們徹底的錯誤估計這個來自台灣、融合夢幻流行樂 (dream pop) 與後搖滾 (post-rock) 的樂隊。其標誌性的聲音,仿彿細訴著無形的白日夢和實在的情感之間的模糊。簡約編曲加上和諧曲調輕鬆抓住流行音樂愛好者的心。反覆聆聽輕晨電的音樂越多遍,身體彷彿變得更輕。靈魂漸漸被輕輕抬起、一點點把沉重的心靈淨化。他們的創作就像一片漂浮的羽毛 — 簡單而細膩的音符支持著深沉的哲學題材。輕晨電的音樂似乎是公路旅行(road trip)的最佳伴侶:你在沖繩島的山坡上駕車,俯瞰著無盡的地平線,又或者在台東翠綠的草地踏著腳踏車,擁抱溫暖陽光,呼吸海風。輕晨電歌曲中純音樂的部分有如早晨的霧霾,而清脆的電結他聲就是刺眼的晨光,為你打開新一天。亞洲的後搖滾很多都強調流行元素,與歐洲/美國的同類音樂有所差異。你可以把它視為流行音樂和搖滾音樂的混合版本,一切取決於每首歌曲的取向和平衡點。然而,大多數樂隊會在現場表演強化他們的音樂,帶出跟原來版本截然不同的感覺。對於後搖滾/流行搖滾樂迷,你可以在7月26日在香港欣賞到輕晨電的演出。一起準備跟樂隊作無限的夜間幻想交流吧! 

The 19th Band Society of Students’ Union City University of Hong Kong Presents :
輕晨電(Morning Call) Live in Hong Kong 2014Date: 26th July 2014 (Sat)
Time: 19:00
Venue: Hang Out 西灣河協青社蒲吧
Ticket Price:
Early Bird $140
Member $140
Advanced $180
Walk-in $220
Reserve Ticket:
By email: morningcallhk2014@gmail.com
(Please include your name, contact no. and number of tickets required)
By phone:
93890112 Victor
51092908 Vincent
91338946 Karl
Early Bird promotion: 7/6-14/6Ticket Outlets(Start From 15/6) :Music Trio(MK)
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好景商業中心26樓 2601室(港鐵油麻地站A2出口)


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