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[GIG UPDATE] Orpheus Omega – Archways Across Live in Hong Kong

[Photo Album] Orpheus Omega – Archways Across Live in Hong Kong

[Live Review] Orpheus Omega – Archways Across Live in Hong Kong

… The way Orpheus Omega put out the show immediately reminds me of Dark Tranquillity who coincidentally they toured with this year, though Orpheus have incorporated more physical movement and less of the European vampire elements into their package. Keswick Gallagher is extremely active with his swinging keyboard; while Dan Ralph on bass, who looks a bit like ex-Misfits’ Michale Graves, is giving out intensifying support for the searing guitar overlay from Joao Goncalves and Chris Themelco. I especially appreciate the evenly-shared back-up vocals from all of the members echoing Chris’ growling like a violent musical dialogue…

…… Orpheus Omega 讓我想起與他們一同作巡迴演出的 Dark Tranquillity,然而 Orpheus 少了那種歐洲吸血鬼元素,但多了在台上的活力。Keswick Gallagher 整晚擺動著他的鍵盤,非常活躍;而長相有點像前度 Misfits 主唱 Michale Graves 的 Dan Ralph 帶出強勁的 bassline,與 Joao Goncalves 和 Chris Themelco 灼熱的結他互相重疊。小編特別欣賞所有成員平均地作 back up vocal 與 Chris 的殘聲共鳴,尤如一段暴力的金屬音樂對話。


[NEWS] A Suicide Silence Celebration


To celebrate 4 millions LIKE on their Page, Suicide Silence release a funny clip with their faces layered to the 80’s disco classic Celebration video by Kool & The Gang.

為了慶祝 Facebook 上取得 400萬個 LIKE,Suicide Silence 發佈了一個有趣的片段,將各成員的臉合成到 Kool & The Gang 80年代的 disco 經典歌曲 Celebration 的視頻。


[PRESS] Dinosaur Journal X Rock Trip in USA


Pleasure to have our rock trip advice featured in a new book about USA culture. Just a sneak peak — we will publish our very own rock road guide on our site in the summer. Stay tuned!

很高興我們給編輯的 Rock Trip 建議和相片被收錄在他們有關美國文化的新書中。順帶一提,我們稍後也會在網站刊登Dinosaur Journal 的搖滾旅遊指南啊!


[NEW VIDEO TUESDAY] House of Gold And Bones – Stone Sour


Stone Sour, fronted by Slipknot singer Corey Taylor, release new comic-themed lyric video off their album with the same title, House of Gold And Bones.

Slipknot 主將 Corey Taylor 的另一樂團 Stone Sour 剛推出與大碟 House of Gold And Bones 同名、充滿美式漫畫感的歌詞視頻。


[FUN TIMES] Origin Promo


A sarcastic post from Origin for their merch*


[NEWS] Asking Alexandria X Korn at APMA


We have shared a sarcastic post from death metal band Origin on Asking Alexandria above. Yet, we have another news about these guys again. Introduced by Suicide Silence at Alternative Press Music Awards last night, Asking Alexandria were later joined by Jon Davis, vocalist of Korn, on stage to perform Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like The Wolf.”

上面我們才分享了死亡金屬樂隊 Origin 刊登了一個諷刺 Asking Alexandria 的圖片。現在又有另一個關於他們的消息。在昨晚的Alternative Press 音樂頒獎禮上,Asking Alexandria 在 Suicide Silence 的介紹下上台,Korn 的主唱更加入一同重唱 Duran Duran 的 Hungry Like The Wolf 。


[MUSIC FEATURES + GIG NEWS] 輕晨電 Morning call  – Your Velvet Daydream


[MUSIC FEATURES] 輕晨電 Morning call  – Your Velvet Daydream

Pop-rock fans, post-rock lovers and headbangers who want to take a break from the blasting music, here’s an event for you. Check out what our writer think about Morning Call from Taiwan. The band will perform in Hong Kong on this Saturday (26 July.)

“When we received the promotional package from Band Society of City University of Hong Kong, we thought Morning Call was the kind of post-rock band who aims to twist brightness into creepy darkness like Sparklehorse. But well, never judge a book by its cover. We’re devastatingly wrong about this dream-pop fused post-rock group from Taiwan. Their signature sound pictures the blurriness between the intangible day-dream and the solid touch of emotion. The minimalistic arrangement and mellow harmony can easily catch any pop music lovers’ breaths…”

流行搖滾樂迷,後搖滾愛好者和想從爆破音樂休息一下的 headbanger,這個活動可能會適合你。看看我們编者對將到港演出的台灣輕晨電樂團的介紹吧。

“當我們收到城市大學 Band Society 關於輕晨電 (Morning Call)的邀請時,我們以為樂隊是那種像Sparklehorse般,喜愛把光明扭曲成詭異的黑暗後搖滾樂隊。但是「人不可以貌相」,我們徹底的錯誤估計這個來自台灣、融合夢幻流行樂 (dream pop) 與後搖滾 (post-rock) 的樂隊。其標誌性的聲音,仿彿細訴著無形的白日夢和實在的情感之間的模糊。簡約編曲加上和諧曲調輕鬆抓住流行音樂愛好者的心 ……”

The 19th Band Society of Students’ Union City University of Hong Kong Presents :

輕晨電(Morning Call) Live in Hong Kong 2014
Date: 26th July 2014 (Sat)
Time: 19:00
Venue: Hang Out 西灣河協青社蒲吧
Ticket Price:
Early Bird $140
Member $140
Advanced $180
Walk-in $220


[FUN TIMES] Pop-punk Selfie at APMAs


Pop punk selfie VS Hollywood selfie… WHich one do you dig more?

The Alternative Press Music Awards was held on the past Sunday featuring bands like Suicide Silence, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, etc.


[THROWBACK THURSDAY] Broken – Seether X Amy Lee (Evanescence)


“Broken” was recorded in March 2004 for the soundtrack to the 2004 film The Punisher by alternative metal band Seether featuring Amy Lee from Evanescence.

另類金屬樂隊樂團 Seether 加上 Evanescence 女主唱 Amy Lee 於2004年3月創作 Broken 為電影 Punisher 配樂。



[GIG UPDATE] Crossfaith and Born of Osiris Confirmed For Heart-Town Festival Hong Kong Station 山海屯音樂節香港站

It’s official! Japanese metalcore band Crossfaith will appear in the Heat-Town Festival in August. Meanwhile, the organizer has cleared up the rumor regarding Born of Osiris’ appearance. Stay tuned, we’ll have some giveaways exclusively for our readers on SUNDAY!

官方宣佈日本metalcore樂隊Crossfaith將出席8月的山海屯音樂節香港站。同時主辦單位澄清 Born of Osiris 已確定來港。緊記留應我們專頁,週日將有些禮物贈送給我們的讀者!

You can watch the promo here / 你可以在這裡觀看宣傳片

and the official statement about Born of Osiris / 以及有關 Born of Osiri 的官方聲明