[Live Review + Photography] Bring Me The Horizon – Live in Hong Kong

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After whole summer of waiting, they are finally here! UK metalcore superstars Bring Me The Horizon descend in the shadow as Flower of Life pattern (of Sempiternal’s album sleeve) gradually emerged on the screen. Darkness and the accompanied gloomy keyboard intro brings chill to your spine.

經過整個夏天的等待後,他們終於來臨了!英國 metalcore 巨星 Bring Me The Horizon 在影子下降臨,生命之花圖案(Sempiternal 專輯封套上)慢慢浮現在屏幕上,黑暗現場和陰沉鍵琴序曲帶來一點點寒意。

Photo Recap – Bring Me The Horizon – Live in Hong Kong

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Breaking out with massive hit Shadow Moses, Oli Sykes brings the heat straight up to the roof. The band’s shift from deathcore to the less heavier metalcore doesn’t seem to affect their popularity in live performance. With his lips touching the mic, the tattooed frontman screams his heart out desperately, creating powerful contrast between his vocal and the echoes of audience’s sing along. His infinite energy encourages him to jump around whilst shout out loud throughout the show.

Oli Sykes 以名曲 Shadow Moses 打開序幕,旋即把現場熱力帶到頂點。樂隊從 deathcore metalcore 的轉變似乎並沒影響他們現場表演的感染力。Oli 嘴唇貼著咪高峰拼命叫喊,與觀眾的和唱迴聲形成強大對比。Oli Sykes 看似有用不盡的爆炸力,全晚不停跳躍仍沒有展現疲態。

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It’s interesting to see Bring Me The Horizon twice in two months, in US and Hong Kong. Though the set is more or less the same, they deliver a way more astonishing performance here! In September, we caught them playing at Riot Fest where they were only given 30 minutes to play; that appeared to distract the band from giving 100% out of what they were capable to do.

這是我們在兩個月內第二次採訪 Bring Me The Horizon 的演出。相比9月時 BMTH 在美國的表演,儘管流程十分相似,但他們在香港演唱會的表現著實更精彩啊!可能因為當時在音樂節中,樂團只容許把表演濃縮至30分鐘,而顯然這分散了樂隊的注意力,使他們未有出盡全力。

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For this debut concert at Mac Pherson Stadium in Hong Kong, Oli and company throw away the trepidation of pleasing new listeners, but only focus on impressing their loyal fans, who already have bonding with them.

相對而言,BMTH 這次在香港麥花臣球場的演唱會,Oliver 與隊友拋開討好新聽眾的顧慮,只需專注與忠實樂迷分享大家已背誦如流的音樂。

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In our special Overseas Features, We have put a lot of emphasis on the fancy lighting and projection BMTH applied. The superimposition effect induces theatrical tension that pulls you closer to the concept behind their music. This progressive addition of conceptual elements is also reflected in their musical development.

在早前刊登的海外特集中,我們已強調 BMTH 在表演中應用的精彩燈光和投射影像。縱橫交錯的效果形成戲劇性的張力,讓觀眾不知不覺間進入他們音樂的概念世界。Bring Me The Horizon 近年的創作也越見著重這種概念性元素。

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The band don’t have much conversation with the crowd except polite greetings like “Thank you”. It is overall a smooth, intense set comprised of memorable BMTH songs such as Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake, Can You Feel My Heart, Antivisit and Chelsea Smile with no breaks in between. During the encore session, they return to the stage with calmer tune Sleepwalking and oldie Blessed With A Curse. The night ends with delighted smiles under the wash of shiny metallic shred.

全晚整體上是一個流暢、緊湊的演出;當中大部分都是 BMTH 近年流行感較重的新曲,如 Go To Hell, For Heaven’s SakeCan You Feel My HeartAntivisit Chelsea Smile,其間沒有休息間段。除了禮貌的問候如「Thank you」外,樂隊並沒有太多說話。在 encore 部分,他們以相對平靜的 Sleepwalking 和早期作品 Blessed With A Curse 重返舞台。最後在閃爍金屬碎紙的洗滌下,Bring Me The Horizon 與掛上欣喜笑容的樂迷說再見

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Bring Me The Horizon concert is always like frontman Oli Sykes’ solo show with all the spotlight fell onto him naturally. Seeing them live proves some critics are right for calling Oli as the “Poster Boy” of BMTH.  Based on our observation, he has successfully won the hearts of, not only the girls, but the boys, too.

Bring Me The Horizon 的演唱會就像是紋身主唱 Oli Sykes 的個人表演,注意力總是落在他身上。看過他們現場你就會明白一些樂評人稱 Oli BMTH的「招徠頭像」 絕無言過其實。就觀察所見,他輕易贏得出席者的愛慕,不僅是女生們,男生們也看得如癡如醉。


現場相片 -Bring Me The Horizon – Live in Hong Kong

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