[Live Review + Photography] Mr. Big – Live in Hong Kong

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26 years and still running strong. Mr. Big decide to take all of their classic hits to Hong Kong on 25 November in their original lineup — To Be With You, Wild World, Green-Tinted Sixties Mind and any other anthems you can name.

26年仍狀態大勇,Mr. Big 以第一代陣容於1125日來港演出,兩小時的表演包含所有經典曲目 — To Be With YouWild WorldGreen-Tinted Sixties Mind,基本上任何你說得出的代表作都能欣賞得到。

Photo Recap現場相片 – Mr. Big – Live in Hong Kong

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The simple stage, similar to the cozy setting of a TV music show, is in less than 1m away from the audience. It brings unexpected intimacy to this theater-size concert. The barricade seems to be crashed down anytime as the insane fans push to reach their long time idols.


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Because Pat Torpey is diagnosed of Parkinson’s disease, the drumming duty is taken by touring drummer Matt Starr, who is also the man behind (KISS) Ace Frehley’s kit. Despite of his health issue, Pat still takes over the drums for Just Take My Heart and Fragile as well as participates in the acoustic set with the band.

因為 Pat Torpey 被診斷患上帕金遜病,擊鼓的工作由巡演鼓手 Matt Starr 接替。Matt 也是另一殿堂級音樂人、 KISS 成員 Ace Frehley 個人樂隊的鼓手。儘管 Pat 的健康出現問題,他仍堅持在 Take My Heart Fragile 中獻技,亦有參與樂隊的清唱表演部分。

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If you are uncertain about Mr. Big’s live energy in 2014, we assure you that they still got the power to get you moving. Kicking off with Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy, a.k.a. the famous Electric Drill Song, they put their signature drill trick on display to ignite your inner fire. The fast steering drills drive the chords wilder than any methods could do. (photo on top)

如果你不確定 Mr. Big 2014年是否風采依然,我們向你保證,他們的力量仍刻在骨子裡。樂隊以 Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy 打開序幕,歌曲又名 The Electric Drill Song,他們一如既往施展招牌電鑽彈結他的花式燃點觀眾的情緒。快速轉向的鑽頭比任何技巧更能帶出搖滾狂野效果。(見頂頭照片)

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Eric Martin’s vocal part remains quite intact; for sure it’s different from the old recording as it’s an unavoidable stage, but his voice doesn’t sound wearing out at all. At least unlike those rock and roll superstars who drink till their vocals totally crack. Sadly, this time it’s the sound system which destroys the liveliness of his vocal.

Eric Martin 的歌聲保養得相當不錯。當然聽起來與舊日的錄音室專輯有所不同,那可是個不可避免的階段啊!但至少 Eric 的聲音聽起來不像那些「搖滾巨星」般,任由酒精侵蝕他們的歌聲直至無可挽救的地步。可惜的是受場地音響所限,尤其在 acoustic 表演時,主唱部分的活力完全被破壞。

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While the full-house singalong is heart-warming and irresistible, what truly catches my soul are the breathtaking solo sessions of one of world’s best guitar Paul Gilbert and top-rated bassist Mr. Billy Sheehan. They both showcase wide variety of techniques in the 10-minute long musical chapter — tapping, sweeping, plucking, slapping and all the other tricks you can imagine.

雖然感性的全場大合唱很令人難忘,但是真正吸引到小編的必定是被譽為世界上最好結他手的 Paul Gilbert 和低音結他手 Billy Sheehan 的獨奏部分。在十多分鐘長的音樂篇章裡,他們各自展示了各式各樣的技術:點弦、掃弦、勾弦、打弦和其他高超技巧。

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Mr. Big always stand out by applying complex arrangement and extremely intricate techniques in their catchy but solid rock tunes. Countless musicians have cited these legends as inspiration and mentors, without a doubt there must be many of them standing in the crowd tonight!

Mr. Big 一向以將複雜技術應用在流行搖滾樂見稱。無數音樂人都曾視他們為目標和導師,毫無疑問,今晩他們必定也站在人群中!

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Speaking of technical advancement, opening act Andy James also gives a sensational instrumental performance with his flashy, precise skill as a world class guitar master.

說到高超技術,暖場嘉賓、結他大師 Andy James 亦以其快速精準的技巧帶來了精彩絕倫的樂器演奏。

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This is a night where Mr. Big revisit their heydays with us, but it also leads everyone through a person walk down the memory lane — the old days when you were young and empowered by Mr. Big’s music.

P.S. Somehow this show reminds me of Aerosmith, but much mellow, heartfelt and truthful.

這晚 Mr. Big 帶樂迷一起回顧他們的黃金時期,同時也驅使大家走進內心的時光機裏,憶起每個 Mr. Big 音樂伴你渡過的時光。

附:這個演唱會讓我不斷想起 Aerosmith,但更親切、更坦然。


Photo Recap現場相片 – Mr. Big – Live in Hong Kong