[Live Review + Photography] Revocation – Live in Hong Kong

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Here comes the last extreme metal show in Hong Kong – Boston-based death / thrash metal outfits Revocation embark on their debut show here with their fresh new album Deathless.

今年最後一場極端金屬演唱會波士頓死亡/thrash 金屬樂團 Revocation 帶著全新專輯 Deathless 於香港首次亮相。

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Revocation are known for their genre-blending, complex musicianship. I know this formula works for them in studio recordings, but out of curiosity, I wonder how it will be brought to live performance. Bands crowned  “technical masters” sometimes fall into the trap of sacrificing musical integrity for skill advancement, which in terms turning a sweat-soaked metal concert into a rather monotonous instrumental showcase.

Revocation 以整合各個音樂流派及複雜的音樂層次見稱。從他們錄音室專集中可見,這個公式為樂團帶來不少正面評價;但在好奇心驅使下,小編很想了解他們會如何把這特質帶到現場表演。有些被冠以「技術大師」名譽的樂團有時會墮入過於著重技能而犧牲音樂整體性的陷阱,令原本大汗淋漓的熱血金屬音樂會變成單調的樂器演奏會。

And thank god, they haven’t. The band still kill it in the metal way. The cross-genre elements underlying the brutal surface of songs have added an extra dimension to the extreme metal show.


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Contrary to the speedy, fury blast, Revocation main man David Davidson stands at ease as the notes shot out like a machine gun. The fluidity generates an irresistible tension to your ears. Yet, it’s even a greater pleasure when looking at his fingers dancing crazily over the fretboard. The extra jazz-fused bridges between songs are the biggest highlight of the night. The ironic contradiction strikes an unexpected momentum that brings me overwhelming joy.

在迅速、憤怒的爆炸音樂下,主將 David Davidson 擺出輕鬆姿態,然後像機關槍般發射音域甚廣的節奏;流暢的曲調產生不可抗拒的張力,若同時欣賞著 David 的手指在指板上瘋狂舞動,將帶來更大娛樂性。他們在某些歌曲之間加設富爵士音樂感的連接橋樑,產生意想不到的沖擊,那可算是小編心中的最大亮點。

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Bass guitarist Brett Bamberger plays a more active role in terms of stage presence and crowd interaction. His nimble baseline provides undeniable rigidity and stability to Davidson’s brutal shredding.

低音結他手 Brett Bamberger 在舞台表現和觀眾互動上扮演相對更積極的角色。他靈活的低音配樂為 David 的殘暴主旋律提供了實在的框架和穩定性。

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In Revocation’s latest release Deathless, the band continue their determination of introducing fresh, unusual sound to the typical death metal composition. Dan Gargiulo’s additional guitar layer resonates the missing delicacy in Revocation’s older works. Whilst the original heaviness is still presence, the extra guitar churn elevates the juxtaposed rhythm.

Revocation 最新發布的 Deathless 專輯中,樂隊繼續引入不常在金屬界別出現的聲音作創作,編寫出新鮮的死亡音樂。近年才成為 Revocation 成員的 Dan Gargiulo 加入額外的結他層次,使歌曲比舊有作品更細膩。然而,原本的重型觸覺仍在,只是新增的結他部分提升了整體樂章。

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Worth to note Revocation’s drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne was injured and ex-Job For A Cowboy stickman Jon Rice is here to fill in temporarily.  Unquestionably, he gives absolute effort to complete the set sleekly and smoothly.

Revocation 鼓手 Phil Dubois-Coyne 因傷未能參與巡演,擊鼓部分由 Job For A Cowboy 前鼓手 Jon Rice 暫時替補。毫無疑問,他順利完成這個臨時工作,清脆脷落。

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Overall-speaking, the technically proficient death metallers have showcased their finely-crafted music with scent of thrash metal and other genres seamlessly. The wild boys’ new material as well as stage charisma evoke my memory of seeing Mastodon, but much heavier.

總括來說,這個以技術稱皇的死亡金屬團隊成功展示了他們結合多個音樂類型的精心傑作。從新專輯到現場舞台魅力,Revocation 均帶點 Mastodon 的影子,只是更重型,更黑暗。

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Local rockers In Denial gives a short but intense opening set for Revocation. Check out their website here for to know more about the band.

本地搖滾樂隊 In Denial 在 Revocaton 上台前作了個短暫而緊湊的演出。緊記前往樂隊網站,更深入了解他們的音樂。

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So this will be the last metal show in Hong Kong this year. Let’s carry all the bruises to the mosh pit in 2015. Keep ya head banging!

這將是今年香港最後的金屬演唱會,希望樂迷們會把瘀傷帶至 2015年的 mosh pit,繼續 stage dive,繼續 headbang

Photo Gallery 現場相片 – Revocation – Live in Hong Kong