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2014’s live gig journey comes to an end as Yellowcard pulls back the curtain. The long-awaited pop punk titans debut their show in Hong Kong 11 years after releasing their global hits Ocean Avenue. Now is definitely not the time of pop punk era, but it’s still a great opportunity for the now-grown fans in their mid/late 20s to revisit the lost teenage dreams.

隨著 Ryan Key 與隊友步上台板,2014的搖滾表演亦踏入尾聲。期待已久的流行朋克巨頭 Yellowcard 終於在 Ocean Avenue 推出11年後登陸香港。雖然 pop punk 的黃金時代已經過去,但對於現在已二十多三十歳的樂迷來說,這仍然是很好的機會去尋回失去了的青春時光。

Photo Gallery 現場相片 – Yellowcard – Live in Hong Kong

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Last month, the band come back strong with Lift A Sail, an album full of positive vibes inspired by frontman Ryan Key’s personal tragic experience (Key’s wife became paralyzed in an accident). You know what to expect in their promotional tour by looking at its cover – colors, transformation, hope.

樂團上月以新專輯 Lift A Sail 回歸,內容靈感來自於主唱 Ryan Key的悲慘經歷 (Ryan 妻子在一次意外中變成癱瘓) ,歌曲充滿積極面對逆境的訊息。看過封面你就預計到他們的宣傳巡演風格色彩、蛻變、希望。

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It’s our third time seeing Yellowcard in live – New York, Chicago and now Hong Kong. They always bring in the same fierce live energy and affinity regardless the fact of growing from angry teenagers to calmer family men. Ryan Key expresses they feel extremely exhausted at this show because they only get to sleep for two hours with the tight schedule. They even joke about having to rely on Red Bull and beer to keep their bodies running.

這是我們第三次欣賞到 Yellowcard 的演出。無論身處何地、成員由憤怒青年變成住家男孩,他們總能帶來狂熱的現場能量和親和力。主將Ryan Key 表示這次亞洲巡演時間緊迫得只有兩小時睡眠時間,因此他們在演出當晚感到極度疲累。他還笑說必須依賴能量飲品和啤酒讓身體持續運作。

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(Above: Yellowcard in Chicago in 2013)

It’s kind of obvious that Ryan Key doesn’t have as many moves and his signature athletic jumps as he did in the old times, not sure if it’s due to exhaustion or it’s his matured style of performance. On the other side, violinist Sean Mackin has been acting extremely hyper throughout the concert — back flip jump, bounce around, lunge, cheer fans up and encourage them to sing along — just everything you’d want your favorite rockstar to do. It’s encouraging to see Sean rocking out again in good shape after recovering from thyroid cancer. This is also Yellowcard’s first overseas tour after the departure of original drummer Longineu W. Parsons III.

事實上在這次演出 Ryan 很明顯比舊時演出少了很多舞台動作和招牌跳躍,不知是否與其疲憊或固意轉變更成熟的表演風格有關。在另一面,小提琴手 Sean Mackin 在整個演唱會表現得非常雀躍後空翻、跳躍、扎馬、鼓勵觀眾歡呼和唱總之所有樂迷希望他們搖滾偶像做的 Sean 都一一達成。小編很高興看到他從甲狀腺癌中康復過來,再次與 Yellowcard 隊友踏上巡演路。這也是他們自原鼓手 Longineu W. Parsons III 離開後的首次海外之旅。

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The set is composed of equally old and new materials. The relatively soft, electronic-fused songs off Lift A Sail act like buffer between their straightforward, triumphant anthems like Only One and Way Away so the rhythm moves like wave. Ryan Key dedicated a solo of California with keyboard to his wife that brings tears in your eyes and goose bumps on your skin.

是次香港站表演新舊歌曲各佔一半。Lift A Sail 中較柔和、電子感較重的新曲在大熱舊作 Only OneWay Away 之間有緩衝之效,使整體節奏像波浪有緩急輕重之感。Ryan 更特別以鍵琴伴奏獻唱 California 給妻子,為此晚帶來了感動一刻。

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If you are part of the old emo / pop punk community, you’ll find this night quite sedimental with all the joyful memory Yellowcard brings back to you. While for the younger generation, you’ll still be filled with happiness by their upbeat pop punk delights.

如果您是曾迷上 emo pop punk,這個夜晚 Yellowcard 必定把沈澱多年的歡樂記憶帶回來。對於較年輕的樂迷而言,你還是會被這種輕快流行搖滾曲調感染。

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Time doesn’t seem to have much influence to Yellowcard, except getting more experienced on how to put out a show and build a better bonding with their fans. The  rebellious message of unsatisfaction towards life seems to be replaced by acceptance and reborn in their musical presence. Just as their album said — With the last sail lifted high, I am ready now.

時間似乎對樂團沒有太多負面影響,反之使他們更清楚如何控制現場演出。成長了的 Yellowcard 在音樂中舒發以包容和重生取代對生活中的不滿。正如他們的專輯所說 — With the last sail lifted high, I am ready now

See you all in the pit in 2015.

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Photo Gallery 現場相片 – Yellowcard – Live in Hong Kong

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