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As a 100% independent media, we understand how difficult to spread the words purely with passion. Since we set up Dinosaur Journal in July 2013, we have received many messages from unsigned bands from all over the world asking us to help sharing their music.

From now on, we’ll post these indie music from time to time to provide an outlet possible to be heard globally on the Internet. Hopefully this can contribute a bit to the local / indie music community. Every famous musician was once an independent artist. Some dream for growing into famous bands while some play for pure pleasure. Either way send us your music and we’ll feature it on our site.

作為100%的獨立媒體,我們明白到不利用廣告及商業關係,只靠熱誠來運作是很困難的。Dinosaur Journal 由2013年7月成立至今,收到不少世界各地音樂人寄來的音樂。



Email: dinosaurworkroomgroup[at]gmail[dot]com
Facebook message: www.facebook.com/DinosaurJournal

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Steady / Steady – USA – Indie Pop / Rock

Steady / Steady is a new indie rock band from Chicago. They have just dropped their upbeat debut single “PSEUDO” this week – 24 February. It’s worth to note two of the members are from the critically-acclaimed deathcore/metalcore act Serianna. Wanna see how these rockers turn their heavy inspiration into light-hearted tunes? Give them a listen!

Steady / Steady 是芝加哥一個新的獨立搖滾樂隊。他們剛剛於這星期 (2月24日) 發布了輕快的首支單曲 PSEUDO。值得大家注意其中兩個成員是來自廣受好評的 deathcore / metalcore 團隊 Serianna。想知道這個搖滾樂隊如何把沉重的靈感變成輕鬆的曲調?快在上面試聽或在連結下載吧!

Click here to download Steady / Steady’s PSEUDO

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/steadysteadyband

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Chantaiman – Hong Kong – Britpop

Chantaiman formed in Hong Kong in 2010. The group cites their influences in britpop and post-punk. They have just dropped their new album Ordinary People this month.

Chantaiman 在2010年於香港成立,以英倫搖滾及後朋克作音樂主軸;他們剛剛在本月出版新專輯 Ordinary People。

Website: www.chantaiman.net/
Bandcamp: chantaiman.bandcamp.com/

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My Sweet Fall – USA – Pop Punk

My Sweet Fall is a 5-piece pop punk band from Indianapolis. They released their debut full-length album Cheap Therapy this February. If you dig bands like All Time Low or Set It Off, give them a listen!

來自美國印第安納州的流行朋克樂隊 My Sweet Fall 於今年二月發行首張專輯 Cheap Thearpy。喜愛爽朗 pop punk 類型音樂如 All Time Low 和 Set It Off 等的朋友試聽一下吧 !

Click here to download My Sweet Fall’s Cheap Therapy

Website: mysweetfallmusic.bandcamp.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/mysweetfall

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The Summerville

The Summervilles – Australia – Pop Punk

The Summervilles are a three piece power-pop punk rock band out of Melbourne, Australia. Forming in late 2010 and releasing an EP in 2011, the group has spent the last year and a half writing songs, spilling beer and winning hearts at endless gigs whilst cutting through the rough Melbourne music scene.

澳洲墨爾本 The Summervilles 流行朋克搖滾樂隊在2010年底組成並在2011年發布首張EP。樂團在過去一年半專注寫歌、游走啤酒之中同時憑著不停在墨爾本音樂圈作演出贏得不少新樂迷。

Bandcamp: thesummervilles.bandcamp.com

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The Feral Conservatives

The Feral Conservatives – USA – Indie Rock

Indie rock band Feral Conservatives take their name from school lunch programs and instate feedback into the world of female-fronted folk rock. Known for being equal parts breezy melodic and pushing the noise-art limits of the mandolin, Ferals are out to redefine music with a $15 distortion pedal…or at least futz with it a bit. 

美國獨立搖滾樂隊的 Feral Conservatives 的名字取自學校的午餐計劃,並希望對以女樂手為主將的民謠搖滾世界作出回應。以輕快旋律和利用曼陀林作噪聲藝術主體的音樂,Ferals 誓要以便宜簡單的樂器重新定義獨立搖滾樂 。

Bandcamp: feralconservatives.bandcamp.com

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208 Talks Of Angels

208 Talks of Angels – Russia

208 Talks of Angels was created in 2006 in Russian and decided to search for new music concept and new extraordinary sound. The word “angel” has no religious implication, but is just the translation of Greek “aggelos” that means herald, messenger. This word is used within the music concept of this music band that contemplates adoption of something progressive and state-of-the-art. The presence of number “208” is still the secret, but it soon will be revealed.

208 Talks of Angels 於2006年在俄羅斯成立,希望尋找新音樂理念和不平凡的聲音。樂團名字中 “Angel” 一詞並沒有宗教含義,但希臘文翻譯 “aggelos” 意即使者,這詞代表着樂隊的音樂概念,於歌曲中採用一些前衛藝術意念;名中數字 “208” 則仍是秘密,但很快就會和大家揭曉。

Website: www.208talksofangels.com

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Trash No Star

Trash No Star – Brazil – Power Pop

Trash No Star’s influences range from Riot Grrrl, Bikini Kill and Free Kitten. Their songs are more like Lo-Fi, Experimental, with some abusing elements of the noise of Sonic Youth.

Trash No Star 深受 Riot Grrrl、Bikini Kill 和 Free Kitten 的影響,他們的歌曲以 Lo-Fi 及實驗性流行搖滾為主,滲透着 Sonic Youth 的噪音元素。

Bandcamp: trashnostar.bandcamp.com

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

bamboo star

Bamboo Star – Hong Kong – Rock

Based in Hong Kong, Bamboo Star is born of thunderous riffs, blistering fretwork and soaring vocal harmonies. Influenced by Hard Rock and Classic Metal, Bamboo Star thrusts its mega-hard, high-voltage RnR into the face of the modern age.

以香港為基地,Bamboo Star 在雷鳴的結他聲、緊湊的按弦和扣人心弦的和聲。受硬搖滾和古典金屬的影響,樂團決定把更重型的搖滾元素帶到現代音樂。

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bamboostarhk

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

 My Misspent Youth

My Misspent Youth – Norway

My Misspent Youth is an alternative rock band from Bergen, Norway with female vocals and noisy guitars! “Colours Gone Cold” was released in 2012. The cd has been delayed for nearly four years due to major life changing events in the band members life. Over the last four years they have clocked up five births, five weddings and one funeral. These major events have been the inspiration for the music on the cd. The title refers to the overwhelming changes that happen during our journey through life. From birth, love, illness and death.

另類搖滾樂隊 My Misspent Youth 來自挪威卑爾根,以充滿力量的女主唱和粗獷結他聲為標誌!在2012年發行的 Colours Gone Gold 專輯由於樂隊成員生活上的重大變化故推遲了近四年才推出。在過去四年裡,他們被五個新生兒、五個婚禮和一個葬禮弄得喘不過氣來。樂團以這些重大事件視作音樂靈感。專輯名字解作人生旅途中的變幻莫測 — 從出生、愛情、疾病到死亡。