[Live Review + Photography] Bastille – Live in Hong Kong

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As one of the hottest indie rock band you can name in the current scene, Bastille consecutively breaks the chart with global hit songs like Pompeii and This Is Our Night. On 7 January, the band are coming back to Hong Kong after their debut performance at Clockenflap 2012.

作為現時 indie rock 界最炙手可熱的搖滾樂隊之一,Bastille Pompeii This Is Our Night 等全球大熱歌曲連續打入不同流行榜,隨即馬不停蹄進行巡演,並於17日重臨香港。這是樂團繼2012年在 Clockenflap 音樂節後首次回歸演出。

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Bastille used to stay in Brooklyn on the same block as I did whenever they were on tour in New York City. They were the top indie name at the time and their shows were always fully-packed with fashionable fans. Now in 2015, they are at the summit of their career armed by a BRIT Awards nomination and UK no. 1 album Bad Blood.

回想 Bastille 還是獨立樂團時,每當他們到紐約市巡演時都會暫居在小編公寓同一個街道上、位於布魯克林的旅店。那時他們可算是獨立界別中響噹噹的名字,演出總是擠滿了打扮時髦的樂迷。今時今日,Bastille 已一躍成為流行搖滾界的明日之星,取得全英音樂大獎提名,更憑 Bad Blood 取得英國大碟榜冠軍席位。

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This modern rock project was once frontman Dan Smith’s solo project. His stand-out attitude still steals all the attention at the show. Smith dominates the stage with his charismatic, proactive stage presence while other members remain relatively silent. The extra set of drum and keyboard are prepared at the front so Smith can showcase his instrumental talents.

這個現代搖滾組合本是主唱Dan Smith的個人企劃。雖然加入整個樂團班子,大部分觀眾的注意力仍然集中在他一人身上。Dan 以其攝人魅力在現場完全支配整個舞台,相反其他成員相對保持沉默。台上亦特別準備了一套鼓和鍵琴,好讓Dan 可以展示不同的音樂才華。

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Their gratifying, earworm tunes synchronize with audience’s hearts effortlessly even if you haven’t heard it before. The triumphantly melancholic anthems transforms an ordinary indie rock show into one alternative dance floor. Your inner dance gene will be triggered unconsciously as Dan Smith sings “Eh-eh-o eh-o, Eh-eh-o eh-o”. Accompanied by the stunning lighting, this is the time you let go of whatever bothered you in the day and just live at the moment when hedonistic music beats take control of your life.

即使你沒有聽過 Bastille 的所有歌曲,其使人開懷又難忘的調子很容易與觀眾產生共鳴。輕快得來帶點憂鬱的代表作把一個普通的獨立搖滾演出轉化為另類舞池。Dan Smith 唱著 Eh-eh-o eh-o, Eh-eh-o eh-o,在不知不覺中喚醒你內心的舞蹈基因。在完美的燈光相伴下,你自然放下日間所有煩惱,在那一刻,你只想讓享樂主義般的節拍主宰人生。

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Yet Dan Smith decides to bring you another magical moment as he disappears from the stage and storms through the crowd grinning, smiling, singing! Just search hashtag “bastille” on Twitter or Instagram after the concert, you’ll see hundreds of Dan’s in-the-crowd photos snapped by lucky fans who coincidentally stands near him.

然而 Dan Smith 決定為你帶來另一個驚喜! 他突然像暴風雨般走到台下,帶著笑容在人群中穿插高歌微笑。只要在演唱會當晚於TwitterInstagram中搜索 “Bastille ” ,你會看到數百張 Dan 的大頭照。恰巧站在 Dan 游走路線附近的觀眾很幸運啊!

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The Bad Blood musicians are clearly at the top of their game. The invincible confident and bright smiles on their faces prove they are ready for bigger success and possibly the third show in our city.

現時的 Bastille 顯然站在事業的巔峰,他們臉上的無敵自信和燦爛笑容證明已經準備好再下一城,可能屆時他們會第三次來港獻技。

Photo Gallery 現場相片 – Bastille – Live in Hong Kong