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After years’ anticipation, heavy metal titans Avenged Sevenfold finally storm Hong Kong with their stadium-ready hard rock anthems. Many local fans were extremely disappointed with A7X’s decision of not stopping in Hong Kong during their Asian tour in 2012. Some diehards decided flying over to Taipei just to see their kings of rock and roll.

期待多年,重金屬名團 Avenged Sevenfold 終於旋風抵港演出。當年許多樂迷因 A7X 決定在2012亞洲巡演中不設香港站而感到非常失望,更有死忠追隨者決定飛到台北以一睹他們搖滾國王的風采。

Photo Gallery 現場相片 – Avenged Sevenfold – Live in Hong Kong

Exclusive Interview 專訪 Avenged Sevenfold – We always want to be the biggest!

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As one of the most-talk-about heavy metal concert in Hong Kong, Avenged Sevenfold smash the stage with exceptional musicianship, merry grinning and invincible confidence. Breaking out with recent global hit Shepherd of Fire off Hail To The King, A7X quickly set the long-awaited crowd in fire. M. Shadows screams the full-of-pride lyrics behind his signature sunglasses.

作為近期香港最具話題性的重型搖滾音樂會之一,Avenged Sevenfold 憑藉卓越音樂才能、燦爛笑容和無敵信心衝上舞台。A7X 以全球大熱新專輯 Hail To The King 中的 Shepherd of Fire 激起群眾的熱情,A7X迅速成立了期待已久的人群火災。主唱 M. Shadows 全程以招牌墨鏡型像示人,唱出充滿驕傲的歌詞。

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The band have mentioned in our interview that they are bringing more stage props with them in this Southeast Asian Tour than they did last time – video wall, staircase for elevated drum kit, metal steps to replace the thin fabric backdrop. This is quite a “luxury” experience in a medium-scale concert where fans in the swirling mosh pit will not miss a bit of their guitar heroes Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance rocking out shoulder to shoulder with their fingers dancing on the fretboard and firing out the complex riffs through the video wall.

樂隊在演出前與我們的訪問中提及,他們在這個東南亞旅比上一次來臨亞洲帶來更多舞台道具電子螢幕、架起套鼓的樓梯、金屬站台等取代了幾年前的簡單布幕背景。台下mosh pit中的樂迷因此不會錯過他們的音樂英雄 Synyster Gates Zacky Vengeance 肩並肩彈奏結他,手指在指板上飛舞等細膩片段,以一個中型演唱會來說,這可算是個奢侈的體驗。

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They continue to drill your heart with older tunes like Critical Acclaim and Welcome To The Family. M. Shadows encourages the crowd “Tonight we are finally here. We’re all the family of Avenged Sevenfold!” Aren’t you all longing for that sense of belonging?

他們以舊曲 Critical Acclaim Welcome To The Family 繼續鼓舞人心。M. Shadows 叫喊:「今晚我們終於來了。我們都是 Avenged Sevenfold 大家庭的一份子!」這不是大家都嚮往的歸屬感嗎?

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M. Shadows steps up as the leader throughout the flame-resistant set with his frontman charisma while Synester Gates grabs your soul with his strong, hard-charging, enthusiastic stage presence. Unlike other metal bands who deliberately emphasize on bloody imagery and brutal violence as much as they can, Avenged Sevenfold haven’t used their 12-ft electronic wall to broadcast any horrifying videography. On the contrary, it is like a hard rock carnival where everyone celebrating the glorifying, straight-forward heavy music.

M. Shadows 在整個熾熱的表演中以其主唱魅力帶領整個演出,同時隊友 Synester Gates 以熱情投入的舞台表現抓住你的靈魂。很多玩這類音樂的金屬樂隊固意渲染血腥和殘暴圖像,Avenged Sevenfold 並沒有使用自己十二呎高的電子螢幕來播放任何驚嚇錄像。相反,它大多時只投射現場片段,就像一個搖滾狂歡派對,一起慶祝的光榮直接的重型音樂。

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Instrumental solo session let the boys shine on their own and satisfy each of their own followers. M. shadows encourages the crowd and yells “People say the crowds in Hong Kong is calm. Show them what you got!” The audience lose control when A7X reach the encore session with their first mainstream hits Unholy Confession, Bat Country and their most famous modern rock opera A Little Piece Of Heaven with its twisted animation projected at the back.

中段的獨奏部分讓每個成員都有獨當一面的時刻,滿足自己的追隨者。 M. shadows 在表演中鼓勵樂迷大喊:「有人說香港的觀眾很冷漠,告訴他們你的本領!」Encore 部分 A7X 獻唱了早期大熱名曲 Unholy ConfessionBat Country 和現代搖滾歌劇作品 A Little Piece Of Heaven,樂團背後播放著充滿扭曲美學的動畫影象。

“You had my heart, at least for the most part / Cause everybody’s gotta die sometime”
A Little Piece Of Heaven, Avenged Sevenfold (2007)

From the responses we heard after the concert, guess Avenged Sevenfold do have Hong Kong fans’ heart at its fullest.

從演唱會後的反應,可見 Avenged Sevenfold 確實贏得香港樂迷的心。

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Photo Gallery 現場相片 – Avenged Sevenfold – Live in Hong Kong

Exclusive Interview 專訪 Avenged Sevenfold – We always want to be the biggest!


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