[Live Review + Photography] The 1975 – Live in Hong Kong

The 1975



British chillwave The 1975 land in Hong Kong for the second time in two years, from the main stage at Clockenflap Music Festival to their very own headline show at The Vine Center.

英國流行電子樂隊 The 1975 2013年在Clockenflap音樂節主舞台演出後,於兩年內第二次重臨香港在 The Vine Center 舉行演唱會。

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Dressing in ripped skinny jeans and retro mosaic-pattern shirt buttoned down to show a bit of his chest tattoo, the always stylish frontman Matt Healy steps out in the mysterious smoke. The veil of fog is so thick that audience can barely see the whole band.

總是以時尚打扮見稱的主將 Matt Healy 不經意露出胸口紋身,身穿破爛緊身牛仔褲和復古馬賽克圖案襯衫在煙霧中步到台前。厚厚的人造迷霧面紗使觀眾只能勉強看到整個樂隊。



These British musicians are always the experts in stealing young girls’ hearts with their amiable synth / electronic pop rock composition, youth celebration lyrics and indulgent behaviors. In The 1975’s recent performance, Healy frequently brings along his latest stage companion with him –  a bottle of wine. No matter if the alcohol actually boosts his stage performance or is just part of his wild bad boy image, it does enhance the overall living-in-the-moment, party-esque atmosphere

這幾個英國男孩一向擅於以其流行電子搖滾音樂、歌頌青春的歌詞和放縱表現來偷取少女的心。在近年 The 1975 的表演中,Matt 經常帶著一瓶酒邊喝邊唱,簡直是他的新舞台伙伴。無論酒精能否提高舞台表演,還者只是他野性壞孩子形象的一部分,它確實提升了整個活在當下、忘我派對的氣氛。


Somehow, as an audience, the low and tiny stage setting creates an intimate vs untouchable mix feeling. The full-of-fan-girls crowd is so close to the stage that they can ALMOST reach their dream man, yet Matt Healy refuses to have any skin-to-skin interaction with the fans. Taking fans’ selfie stick to snap a shot is the closest interaction he tries to make.

作為一個觀眾,那低而窄的舞台營造了一個看得到卻觸不到的混合感覺。觀眾欄,尤其是前排的年輕女樂迷幾乎伸手可觸及她們的夢想男孩,但 Matt Healy 似乎拒絕與有任何近距離互動,極其量只是以觀眾的自拍神器拍照。




Unlike other shows of The 1975 where they have a huge light frame as stage props and moody backlit lighting, this stage is flooded by excessive smog throughout the whole concert and they seem to be invisible.

Matt Healy claims “This is our last show promoting this record! For two years we’ve been touring around the world…” and adds “This is the 403rd show of the tour!” They also express new plans are on the way including new materials coming up in the next couple years. Fancy for another Chocolate or Girls?

和其他 The 1975 演唱會不同,這次沒有巨大燈光框架和神秘背光作舞台道具,只有躲在灰白煙霧後看似無形的樂隊成員。

Matt Healy 説道:「這是我們為首張專輯作的最後一場宣傳演出!不能相信兩年來我們一直在世界各地進行巡演……」再補充說:「今晚是我們第403場演唱會!」The 1975 還表示新計劃包括進入錄音室專心製作即新音樂。你又否希望盡快聽到另一首 Chocolate Girls 嗎?


Photo Gallery 現場相片 – The 1975 – Live in Hong Kong