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With two new members to the family, Arch Enemy is looking stronger than ever. “Hottest Chick in Metal” Alissa White-Gluz and famed ex-Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis have brought new life to the now 19-year old band in terms of live performance, audience group and band image.

自兩位新成員加入 Arch Enemy 後,樂團聲勢似乎比以往更強大。 「金屬界最火熱女孩」Alissa White-Gluz 和著名前 Nevermore 結他手 Jeff Loomis 為已成軍十九年的 Arch Enemy 無論在現場表演和樂隊形象上均帶來新生命。

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Though this is not the first time for the melodic death rockers to play in Hong Kong, it’s the first time the band appear in this fresh lineup in Asia. Like other recent Arch Enemy shows, Alissa White-Gluz has taken over the stage with her furious, bouncy moves and deathly growls. If you’re looking for her signature growl/clean-vocal alternation singing style as in The Agonist, you’ll be disappointed.

雖然這次不是 Arch Enemy 首次訪港,但卻是他們第一次以帶這個新陣容與亞洲樂迷見面。一如樂團近期的演出,Alissa White-Gluz 以無比氣勢的舞台動作和力竭聲嘶的死哮攝震現埸。可是,如果你想尋找她在 The Agonist 中的死哮與清聲交替演唱風格,你將會失望而回。


In any female-fronted rock band, spotlight always falls onto the powerful lady who leads the group. The blue-hair fresh-looking Alissa successfully steals the attention of new supporters who got into AE because of her youthful affinity and also the old fanbase that are curious if she is the ideal replacement of the long-time vocalist Angela Gossow.

在大部分以女主唱為首的搖滾樂團演唱會中,觀眾目光總是落在領隊的小妮子身上。這次紫藍髮的 Alissa 也成功搶到不少注意力,不論是被其青春親和力而吸引成為 AE 的新支持者,抑或是因好奇她是否舊主唱 Angela Gossow 理想接班人而出席的死忠樂迷,均目不轉睛注視著。

AE9 AE10

new AE 1

The two beasty growlers have different vocal styles — Gossow’s aggressiveness is still one of my all time favorite while White-Gluz’s soft-edges growling takes you deeper into the emotional side. In their latest release War Eternal, you can notice the composition of leaning towards the melodic components.

這兩個以咆哮為基本歌唱技巧的女生有著不同聲樂風格 — Angela 偏沉厚的聲底給人一種侵略性,而 Alissa 較抑揚的咆哮則帶你深入音樂的感性一面。在他們的新專輯 War Eternal 中,你也會發現編曲較傾向旋律部分。



Either way, this writer here can say Alissa White-Gluz is quite a competent candidate taking the torch to lead the critically-acclaimed metal titans, though it certainly takes time for her to fit in the band seamlessly.

Every member of Arch Enemy still shine on their own, not letting Alissa to take full domination. Founding member and lead guitarist Michael Amott’s nerve-wracking riffs still kill like the old days. The smooth moves over the fretboard easily take your breath away. Later at the show, Jeff Loomis has his own solo session which catches the whole room’s eyes and ears. Amott then joins in and presents a guitar-god duo for your audible pleasure.

無論哪個才是你心目中的金屬女神,筆者認為 Alissa White-Gluz 以現場水準來說是個很不錯的接班人,但相信她仍然需要一段時間與樂隊磨合。

Arch Enemy 的其他成員也各自發亮,不讓 Alissa 獨佔掌聲。創始成員和主音結他手 Michael Amott 的快速彈奏仍然是叫人拍案叫絕,指板上流暢的動作讓你喘息不來。Jeff Loomis 在演唱會中段作了個小獨奏,震撼整個會場的人心。Michael 其後更加入演奏,兩個結他之神互相切磋,成為當晚另一個高潮。

new AE 3

  AE3 AE14

This combination of metal world’s elites shows superb relationship. The chemistry speaks itself through stage interaction of each members. The mutual respect allows each of them shines on their own at different moment. If Arch Enemy can keep up with their recent fierce fire, they will definitely come back with another sensational world tour.

這個金屬界精英組合成員間有著無比默契。各人在舞台上的互動產生不同化學作用,不時顯出相互尊重,讓每個人都有時間表現自己。如果 Arch Enemy 能保持近其炙手可熱的氣勢,相信不久將來必會再次來港作另一個世界巡演。

1. Never Forgive, Never Forget
2. War Eternal
3. Bury Me an Angel
4. Stolen Life
5. Ravenous
6. Taking Back My Soul
7. My Apocalypse
8. You Will Know My Name
9. Bloodstained Cross
10. Burning Angel
11. As the Pages Burn
12. Dead Eyes See No Future
13. The Day You Died
14. No More Regrets
15. No Gods, No Masters
16. We Will Rise
17. Silverwing
18. Snow Bound
19. Nemesis
20. Fields of Desolation

Download Arch Enemy’s latest album War Eternal here.

Photo Gallery 現場相片 – Arch Enemy – Live in Hong Kong