[Live Review + Photography] Bane – Final Asian Tour – Live in Hong Kong

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Boston hardcore legends Bane is here again in Hong Kong on March 8. Who would have thought seeing these guys in 2015 would mean saying goodbye forever? Bane announced their decision of breaking up in 2014 followed by extensive world tour and a few festival appearance as a farewell celebration with their supporters.

波士頓硬核傳奇樂團 Bane 3月8日重臨香港,誰會想過在2015年與他們見面就是説再見?Bane 去年宣布將會解散,並以世界巡演和個別音樂節表演與支持者告別。

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This event’s organiser and supporting band, Hong Kong’s hardcore activists King Ly Chee, bring out fast, straight-to-your-heart killer songs to heat up your blood and get your body moving. KLC has been the major force of promoting hardcore culture in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia over the last 15 years, no wonder together with Bane, the house is filled fully before the gig began. No room for the late comers!

本次活動的主辦和暖埸樂隊、香港的硬核中堅分子荔枝王 King Ly Chee 以拳拳到肉的歌曲使你血液升溫、渾身是勁。 KLC 在過去十多年作為香港及東南亞推動硬核文化的重要力量,難怪加上 Bane 的號召力,現場在演出開始前已人山人海。遲來的可進不來!

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Half an hour later, the long-awaited Bane takes over the stage with songs from all the four albums produced in their 20-year career. Frontman Aaron Bedard spoke in emotional husky voice about their journey in the hardcore scene and their belief – stay true to what you believe in. It’s always this kind of tough-guy mentality that drives the unity of the core community and touches the hearts of millions.

半小時後,Bane 終於踏上舞台,把二十年職業生涯出版的四張專輯內的歌曲最後一次在香港演奏出來。主唱Aaron Bedard 更以沙啞嗚咽的聲音分享自己在硬核路上的旅程、他們的忠旨:忠於自己。就是這樣的硬漢心態觸動硬核追隨者的心,把整個群體團結起來。

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Innocent smile, truthful stage presence, honest lyrics that teach you a life lesson, genuine speech on daily challenges – this night is way more than just another hardcore concert you have been to. Guess the sentimental atmosphere also comes from the disappointing decision of Chinese government of not granting the working visas to these Boston rockers, depriving their chance to say goodbye to their supporters in China. According to Aaron, Hong Kong has been a special place to the band and so they choose to play a few less common songs in live such as The Bold And The Beautiful.

天真的笑容、毫不由造作的舞台表現、誠實的歌詞、教你上個人生課堂的講話 — 令這夜絕不只是一個單純的音樂會。傷感的氣氛也可能是來自中國政府臨時決定不把工作簽證給予他們,奪去跟中國支持者說再見的最後機會。據 Aaron 所說,香港對他們有特別意義,所以在今次歌單中加入一些較少在現場獻唱的歌曲,如 The Bold And The Beautiful 等。

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Despite Bane tell us they break up because “hardcore is a game for young people“, in many ways they still show the adolescents sincerity which once again proves the cliché of growing old not getting old. It’s definitely a great example of what young at heart means.

儘管 Bane 告訴我們解散原因是因為 「硬核是屬於年輕人的遊戲」,但在很多方面他們仍然表現出少年人的真誠,再次證明人老心不老的陳詞濫調。

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The audience also help turning the show into one great farewell party. Everyone is not shy to hide but choose to jump to the stage  to sing and dance – like brother, like family. There is no gimmick, just instinctive energy exchange. The intensity gets highs as King Ly Chee’s spokesman Riz Farooqi joins the force and co-sing with Bane and the fans. The sound is ear-splitting. The heart is burning.

觀眾亦很盡力把是次演出打造成熱鬧的歡送會。所有人都拋開被動的一面,跑到舞台上又唱又跳,就像兄弟、家人一樣。整個沒有噱頭,只是很自然的交流。荔枝王 King Ly Chee 主將 Riz Farooqi 加入 Bane 和樂迷的合唱,把氣氛帶到頂點。一層層複雜的聲音熱烈地燃燒年輕人的心。

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Goodbye Bane. This moment will remain as a defining moment in many’s life journey.

Bane 再見了。這一刻將成為很多本地硬核支持者人生旅程中的重要時刻。

So make your move
Take that shot
Be the ball
This moment will define you

The Bold And The Beautiful, Bane

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