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After sequential lineup change, Warbringer are set to take their thrash power to the next level. Coming back to Hong Kong for their highly-anticipated second gig on March 10, John Kevill and co is ready to slay your brain for another memorable night with their heavy, frantic songs. It’s worth to note it’s only their second time to go on tour in this lineup. Now see what they got with the new guys and expanded discography.

經一連串的陣容改變後,Warbringer 決心把他們的鞭笞金屬力量帶到更上一層樓。樂團於三月十日載譽歸來回到香港作第二次演出,John Kevill 和隊友作好準備以重型瘋狂的音樂在你的腦子刻下另一個難忘的晚上。值得一提,這是他們第次以這個陣容進行巡演。那麼新成員和更多歌曲選擇對這次演出又有何驚喜?

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The band hit the stage with a Chinese classic song as intro, making the crowd laugh and some front audience sing along. It seems to be their preference to add some sense of humour with their intro selection. In a few shows in the States, the band chose random movie music as the introduction of their blasting thrash set.

樂隊播放中文經典歌曲作開場音樂,觀眾隨即大笑起來,有些更一同哼唱。Warbringer 似乎很喜愛在選擇前奏音樂上加入他們的幽默感。在某部分北美巡演中,樂隊隨意選擇一些輕鬆電影音樂作為他們充滿爆炸力的鞭笞演唱會引子。

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The band greet everyone with bright smiles and set the crowd on fire straight away with their signature nerve-wracking thrash tracks. Warbringer never fail to deliver intense live energy, no matter it’s a short set as the supporting band or like this time, for their own headline show. They always carry the same fierce spirit throughout the whole set and not show a downfall due to exhaustion in the mid time.

樂隊以燦爛笑容與現場觀眾打招呼後馬上開始奏出簽名式的𣈱快鞭笞結他。不管是作為暖場樂隊或是自己的個人秀,Warbringer 的強烈現場能量從不令人失望,在整個演出中均保持氣勢,中段不會因勞累表現失準。

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What sets Warbringers apart from their fellow thrash metal mates is they never try to cover up their cheering grin with the metal-labelled furious face. No one cares about the hollow mad look if the brutality is already in the songs! The modern blend of nostagic thrash base and slight scent of death metal revitalizes the classic genre and pushes its boundary through compositional twist.

跟很多鞭金樂手不同,Warbringers 不會試圖以典型金屬怒漢表性掩蓋笑容。相信若音樂根源本身已夠扎實的話,亦沒有人會關心空洞的瘋狂樣子!以傳統鞭笞金屬作基礎,與現代元素及少許死亡金屬節拍互相交融,重新打造 Thrash Metal 的聲音,把經典音樂類型活化,透過編曲手法拉闊舊有界限。

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Despite the stage is very tight to fit five performers, each member still tries to make as much connection as possible – duo guitar, trio guitar and even the vocalist joins in with an AIR GUITAR! It’s definitely pleasure to hear and to see as well. It’s very easy to notice the band is having fun themselves. They love what they do and seem to love to be in Hong Kong again. It’s always important that musicians enjoy the performance themselves instead of having a “it’s just a job” kind of mentality.

雖然五人站在台上感覺很點狹窄,但各人仍然盡可能作交流 — 結他二重奏、三重奏,甚至主唱 John 也以空氣結他加盟,令觀眾目不轉睛。你會察覺到樂團成員也樂在其中,他們似乎很享受現場表演,亦為香港朋友們的熱情而感到欣喜。從編者的角度來說,樂手真正喜愛表演過程是非常重要的,否則觀眾很易會發現「只是一份工作」、「草草了事」的心態。


Many young metal fans attempt to stage dive, mosh along and scream along as hard as they can. The 70-minute set is infectious, irresistible and even motivating with songs like Severed Reality, Living in a Whirlwind and Shattered Like Glass. Adam Carroll shares what he heard about Hong Kong’s ridiculous rent and challenging city life and the crowd cheer back.

許多年輕金屬樂迷也參與 stage divemosh pit 和大聲和唱。七十多分鐘的演出比錄音室錄集聽起來更振撼、更有感染力,當然包括 Severed RealityLiving in a Whirlwind Shattered Like GlassJohn Kevill 表示他聽到有關香港地產霸權和貧富差距的情況,引來樂迷叫囂回應。


Another surprise comes when supporting band Charm Charm Pig finish their warm-up performance, Warbringer and the band’s members bring out a birthday cake for their guitarist who is known as a diehard Warbringer fan! Tonight, this writer believes not only the birthday boy, but everyone leaves the room with sweat-soaked black t-shirt, bruises on the body, echoes linger in your ears and another unforgettable live concert experience.

該晚的另一個驚喜可算是當暖場嘉賓慘慘豬 Charm Charm Pig 完成表演後,其樂隊成員和 Warbringer 上台一同向他們的結他手送上生日蛋糕。據 Warbringer 所述,那男生是他們的死忠樂迷啊!編者認為不僅是生日的男生,在場每個人都帶著另一個難忘的演唱會回憶、汗水浸濕的黑色T-shirt、mosh pit 導致的瘀痕、縈繞的鞭金迴聲離開會埸。

Download Warbringer’s latest album IV: Empires Collapse here.

Photo Gallery 現場相片 – Warbringer – Live in Hong Kong

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