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With only 3 albums in their history, Adept hails from the suburb of Sweden, 11 years after their formation, they are here in Hong Kong to let you taste their finely-crafted post-hardcore music. Their songs, which is known for being able to balance both heavy and emotional elements, is like an extended play of the millennium post-hardcore movement in America.

只出版過三張專輯的瑞典樂團  Adept 在組成十一年後首次到訪,誓以精心雕琢的後硬核音樂征服香港。他們的歌曲以柔合重型硬核及情感元素見稱,仿彿是美國二千年後硬核潮流的延續。

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Even the popularity of post-hardcore is gradually replaced by the rise of metalcore and its derivatives like deathcore and electrnicore, some bands still actively promote the scene, hoping to carry the torch to the next era. Swedish rockers Adept happen to be one of the gang. Founded in 2004, Adept slowly gain recognition with their energetic live performance, and in this warm night of spring, they take over the stage of Hong Kong with irresistible power (and endless flow of beer).

 即使後硬核近年逐漸被 Metalcore 及其衍生音樂類別如 deathcore 和 electrnicore 等取代,有些樂隊仍盡力推廣這個文化,希望能把它的火炬帶到下一個時代,其中瑞典搖滾樂團 Adept 就是一個好例子。他們於2004年組成,憑著充滿活力的現場演出漸漸獲得注意。在這個溫暖的春天晚上,他們以不可抗拒的力量(和無盡的啤酒)進佔香港舞台。

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The band come out and greet the fans with ice-cold beer on their hands. A short chat with the audience definitely makes a friendly environment. Soon the crowd dive into high-speed head-banging mode as the band bounces on stage vigorously to kick off the show. Speaking of stage presence, the group seem to have a power bank plugged on their back. No matter if it’s a calmer song or the heavy ones, they prefer to have their feet in the air. The higher they jump, the harder the crowd bang their heads.

才剛步上台板,Adept 便手持冰冷的啤酒向樂迷問好,聊了一會兒便打破大家的隔膜。演出正式開始,樂隊旋即以激烈彈跳動作把觀眾帶入高速 headbang 模式。說到舞台表現,各成員就像一直插着電源般,無論歌曲節奏是激昂或是平穩,他們總喜歡淩空展現身手。樂團跳得越高,樂迷越盡力搖頭和應。

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Adept finally take a mid-show break and again put some beer down the gut to recharge themselves. Some audience yearn for a sip and frontman Robert Ljung hands a can to the one that shouts the loudest. It is a rejoicing moment for everyone. He express sincerely “We used to practice at the backyard of Jerry’s house with some friends. Now we have no friends but we have a band!” The crowd resumes to franticness as the show begins again and peaks at their breakthrough single At Least Give Me My Dreams Back, You Negligent Whore!

Adept 在演出中後段終於作了個小休,並再次灌下啤酒充電。觀眾高呼希望可以分享一口,主唱 Robert Ljung 立即給叫喊得最響亮的樂迷遞上一整罐。他又誠懇地表示:「從前我們與一些朋友在(結他手)Jerry 家的後院來練習。現在我們沒有朋友,但多了一個樂隊!」當表演再次開始,人群又回復到瘋狂狀態,氣氛在 Adept 奏起其突破單曲 At Least Give Me My Dreams Back, You Negligent Whore! 時達到頂點。

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Post-hardcore was once the brightest genre in the youth rock music community. Yet you can always taste a bit of the now-gone golden era through young and ambitious bands like Adept. Guess we have to wait for the next culture cycle to bring the scream-sing and rhythmic breakdowns back.

後硬核曾經是年青搖滾音樂圈中最輝煌的流派之一。然而,你仍然可以透過如 Adept 般充滿雄心壯志的年輕樂隊嘗到當年的黃金時期。相信一眾後硬核追隨者也得等到下個文化循環週期才能把歌唱吼腔的韻律和節奏鮮明的 breakdown 帶回來。

Download Silence the World from Adept here.

從 這裡下載 Adept 的 Silence the World。

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