[Overseas Features] Part 1 – The Word Alive – Live At Irving Plaza


Overseas Features – Introduction

Every year our team will choose some notable events and rising musicians to be introduced in our Overseas Features. This year, not only there’ll be Concert Review and Interview, we’ll also bring you Free Merchandise and an exclusive view of a highly-anticipated Album Release Party.




Overseas Features – Part 1 – The Word Alive – Live At Irving plaza
<海外報導特集> 第一章:The Word Alive 

In the first part of our Overseas Features, our team caught The Word Alive’s performance at Irving Plaza in New York City as a preview of their highly-anticipated Asia Tour in April.

<海外報導特集> 的第一,我們特別前往紐約市的Irving Plaza觀賞 The Word Alive 的演出,作為他們期待已久的亞洲巡演預告。

Photo Recap 現場相片 – The Word Alive – Live at Irving Plaza

Even though metalcore rising star The Word Alive only has 6 years of history, their past is definitely a dramatic ride of roller coaster – frequent lineup change, accusation surfaced to the public, open recruitment for member and finally back on track to chase their dreams…

儘管金屬核樂團The Word Alive組成只有六年,但他們的起跌絕對如過山車般充滿戲劇性 —— 頻繁陣容變動、無休止互相指責、公開招募成員,最終回到軌道上繼續追逐夢想……


Opening with 2012-release Dragon Bell with its mysterious electronic intro, the sunny-looking frontman Telle Smith ran to the edge of the stage in red light and scream his lungs out. TWA is known for their energy-filled live performance and the following 60 minutes would prove they didn’t earn it for nothing. The band became more furious song after song and there was no sign of exhaustion.

樂團以12年出版的 Dragon Bell 作開場曲,在神秘電子前奏和紅光帶領下,充滿陽光氣色的主唱Telle Smith迅速跑到舞台邊緣,竭力叫喊歌唱。眾所周知TWA憑熱血沸騰的現場表演見稱,接下來的60分鐘將證明他們沒有浪得虛名。一首接一首帶有後硬核餘溫的電子金屬核歌曲,樂隊沒有露出半點疲憊,反而顯得更流暢自然。



Heading down the set they chose 2012, Play The Victim and The Hounds of Anubis to quickly penetrate your ears and heart. In live concert the band washed the melancholic emotional side with relentless instrumentation. Luke Holland, the newly-recruited, Youtube-famed drummer also contributed a great amount of energy strikingly to the live package.

其後他們選擇了 2012,、Play The Victim 和 The Hounds of Anubis 作接力,務求迅速滲透你的耳朵和內心。TWA 在現場演出中以擴大了的器樂部分洗去曲詞中的憂鬱感性;新成員、在YouTube建立名聲的年輕鼓手Luke Holland 也為表演注入很大能量。



The front audience went frantic as Smith dived into the crowd. Total madness seemed to be a perfect caption for the moment. It was like one deep shot of adrenaline to stimulate their young fans’ nerves. Without big surprises, The Word Alive mark an end to the incredible show with the anthemic Life Cycles.

在尾段 Telle 突然跳入人群,立即使前排觀眾們瘋狂起,有如向已失去控制的樂迷再注射高劑量的腎上腺素一樣,將整個氣氛推到極限。一如既往,The Word Alive 以代表作 Life Cycles 把這金屬核劃上句號。



The Word Alive have been trying their best to pick themselves up after series of obstacles. By incessant touring, TWA successfully impress thousands of fans in the nation and is ready to take their power to Asia and other parts of the world.

這幾年The Word Alive 盡力消除種種障礙,透通不斷的巡迴演出,TWA成功打動美國國內無數歌迷。他們現已準備好向亞洲及其他地區出發,展示力量。閲畢這個記錄的樂迷切勿錯過他們四月二十三日在香港 Hidden Agenda 的首次演出喔。

Photo Recap 現場相片 – The Word Alive – Live at Irving Plaza