[Overseas Features] Part 2: Interview with September Mourning – Life and Death, Love and Loss


“The story that propels September Mourning into music realm is about life and death, love and loss”
Emily Lazar, September Mourning

“推動September Mourning進入音樂領域的是生與死、愛情與失去的故事。”

Overseas Features – Part 2 – Interview With September Mourning
<海外報導特集> 第二章:September Mourning 紐約專訪

If you are like heavy music and shocking visual art, September Mourning seems to be the perfect combination. As a new band, they seem to have a perfect portfolio – growing up in the vibrant neighborhood in New York City, touring with Marilyn Manson, releasing comic story, signing to Virgin Records and currently working on their major label debut. We have talked to their frontwoman Emily Lazar in an in-depth about her inspiration, imagination and the moving message behind the scary facade.

如果你同時喜歡重型音樂和震撼視覺藝術,我們誠意介紹September Mourning 給你。作為一個只有幾年歷史的樂隊,他們似乎有着完美的起步 — 在充滿活力的紐約市成長、與 Marilyn Manson 進行巡演、出版漫畫故事、簽約Virgin唱片公司並正在灌錄首張經大唱片公司出版的專輯。我們在紐約與企劃首腦、女主唱Emily Lazar深入了解她的藝術靈感、想像世界與惡靈包裝背後的感人訊息作了個詳盡專訪。


DJ = Dinosaur Journal
SM = September Mourning


DJ: September Mourning is a multi-discipline project. So which kind of medium do you like the most? And how do you decide what kind of medium to go for?

SM: Yes, September Mourning is a multi-media experience…. it’s hard to say what medium of expression I love the most… They all feed into each other to tell the story different ways. I feel each part is special in its own way. If I had to choose I would probably say music just because of the live performance aspect.

DJ: September Mourning 是個跨媒體組合。那麼,你最喜歡那種手法?而在創作時你又會怎樣決定採用哪個媒體?

SM: 沒錯,September Mourning是一個多媒體體驗….很難說我最喜歡以什麼媒體表達……其實它們在敘述故事上扮演着不同角色。如果我必定要作出選擇的話,音樂會是首選,可能是基於現場演出的多變吧。


DJ: Where does your inspiration come from?

SM: I find inspiration through all different avenues of art…. from live performance art on the lower east side of Manhattan to paintings I would sit in front of at The Frick (Collection) in NY for hours and write lyrics…. from theatrical musicians such as David Bowie, Kiss, My Chemical Romance, Lady Gaga… Art is all around us, Inspiration is everywhere.

DJ: 你的靈感從何而來?

SM: 我通過不同的藝術找到靈感….從觀察曼哈頓下東城區的行為藝術到自己坐在紐約The Frick Collection博物館前面繪畫寫歌詞….從戲劇音樂家到David Bowie, Kiss, My Chemical Romance, Lady Gaga……藝術就在我們身邊,靈感可是無處不在喔。


DJ: Do you consider yourself as an artist using music as a form of expression or a musician using visual art as an assisting media to help you deliver your message?

SM: Since this project started as a story at its foundation and everything was built around that, I would say the former as pertaining particularly to this project. The story that propels September Mourning into the music realm is about life and death, love and loss… things that people often feel at the mercy of. As if they are helpless to the ramifications of such actions. I wanted to bring a story to life artistically and musically that would empower us all.

DJ: 你視September Mourning為自己是用音樂作來表達情感的藝術家或是利用視覺藝術作輔助媒體的音樂人?

SM: 由於這個企劃是以故事作為基礎,之後一切都圍繞它而成形,因此我會說前者是較貼切的。推動September Mourning進入音樂領域的是關於生與死、愛情與失去的故事。好像人只可無奈地默默接受這些事情。我想透過故事,以藝術和音樂作媒體去鼓勵所有人。


DJ: What’s your next move? We know you’re planning your next album, so what’s the idea behind it?

SM: The album continues the story of September Mourning in musical form. It encompasses the thoughts and stories of the souls she has taken along with some of her own struggles when she was human.

DJ: 我們知道你正在計劃你下一張專輯,背後有什麼意念?

SM: 這張專輯繼續以音樂劇的形式去訴說September Mourning的故事,包括她的思想和內心掙扎,以及一些她靈魂被奪去前的經歷。


DJ:  What is the best live experience as September Mourning?

SM: Seeing us in concert…. bringing this story to life. All the personas of the reapers and September on stage together, the emotion and energy of the music…. it’s infectious.

DJ: 可以跟我們分享September Mourning最棒的現場經歷嗎?

SM: 看到我們的音樂會….把這個故事的生活。在舞台上收割,九月的所有人物在一起,音樂的情感和精力….它的傳染性。


DJ: Do you perform as your persona – the creepy, twisted-minded little girl – or simply as yourself?

SM: Yes I embody the persona of my character, September on stage. She is strong, passionate, dark and a bit quirky. Because she walks in the worlds of both the living and the dead she has a lot more experience and has seen a lot more than we have.

DJ: 現場表演時,你是以那個令人毛骨悚然的古怪女孩作角色扮演,或是純粹用自己作第一身?

SM: 是的,我在台上就像戴上September的面具般。她是個堅強、熱情、但同時與黑暗面共存的古怪女孩。因為她遊走在人世與陰間兩個世界,看到的比普通人更多。


DJ: When did you discover your interest in visual art and music?

SM: Ever since I was a little girl I have explored all aspects of art…. from music to dance, film, abstract painting, etc. I first stepped on stage when I was 4 years old. I fell in love with performing at a very young age.

DJ: 你何時發現對視覺藝術和音樂的興趣?

SM: 我很小的時候已經探討各種藝術….從音樂到舞蹈、電影、抽象繪畫等。我第一次踏上舞台時只有四歲,故在很早期我已愛上表演了。


DJ: Can you name one artist who influenced you the most?

SM: I can’t really pinpoint one person. For me it’s not always a musical artist who influences my music or a visual artist who influences my visual art…. sometimes it’s quite the opposite. Music to me is sound seen in colors and felt in movement.

DJ: 那麼誰是對最你影響最大的藝術家?

SM: 我真的不能以一個人概括起來啊。對我來說,從不是受一個音樂人影響而創作某些音樂,也不會因某藝術家影響我的視藝作品。有時是完全相反的,音樂就像是有顏色的聲。


DJ: What does signing to a major label mean to you? Do you have any special expectation? Are there any aims do you want to achieve?

SM: Signing to any label means you have support to pursue your goals… Our goal has always been to bring the story of September Mourning to the world through all the different avenues in which we pursue. To inspire people to feel and have courage in their everyday lives.

DJ: 對於加盟維珍音樂的大唱片公司有什麼期待?有沒有特定的目標你想達到?

SM: 與任何公司合作意味著你在追求目標上必定會得到支持…..而我們的目標一直是透過不同途徑分享September Mourning 的故事,激勵人們用心感受世界和在他們日常生活中保持勇氣。


DJ: Do you have any things to say to our Hong Kong readers?

SM: We cannot wait for you to hear and see what is coming from September Mourning. Hopefully someday soon we will be able to bring September Mourning to your part of the world.

DJ: 最後,你有什麼説話要跟香港樂迷分享?

SM: 希望大家會喜歡我們的音樂和藝術。或許在不久將來,我們能把September Mourning的故事帶到你世界吧。